What is a Logo


In their simplest form, logos are images, text or shapes that when combined depict the name and purpose of business. But, that’s a simple description, in reality, a logo is so much more than a symbol of identification.

Logos also convey the values and personality of a business.

For such a small element a logo carry’s a lot of weight and does a lot of heavy lifting for your business.

When starting a business creating a logo should be high on your list of priorities it is the one element that can make your fledgling enterprise stand-out from the crowd and help you make your mark.

“If designed correctly, a logo can make

future branding efforts a walk in the park”

What Makes a Logo Standout


The answer to this question is very subjective and may even change from company to company. Broadly speaking, there are five elements things that you should aim for when creating a logo. 

  1. It should be appropriate for your audience. The best logos aren’t the flashiest, but rather those that resonate with their target audience. Logos don’t just represent your company, but also the people to whom you speak. You wouldn’t use bright and flashy colors for a funeral home in the same way you wouldn’t use somber grays for a children’s party planner.
  2. It should be easy to read. This is particularly true for word mark logos but applies to every design style. If your target audience are forced to decipher what your logo means, they’ll quickly lose interest. Your logo should make sense and be easy to read at a glance.
  3. It should be distinct. Drawing inspiration from industry trends is always a good starting point. However, the goal of a logo is to differentiate your brand from the competition. The most successful designs clearly speak to the industry you serve while using unique elements.
  4. It should be memorable. A logo’s biggest test of success is how memorable it is, creates an instant association with your brand. Creating a visually distinct logo starts with understanding the things that make your company unique such as service, values, or traits.
  5. It should be scalable. Your logo will be placed prominently on different media, and in varied sizes. It’s important to create a design that works at any size you need. The best logos are those that can easily be scaled to fit any branding need you may encounter.

Different Uses for a Logo


Logos should be placed anywhere your product, company, and brand are represented.

  • Websites – Displaying your logo at the top of your site increases your brand visibility and instantly tells consumers who they’re visiting.
  • Business Cards – Your business cards are an excellent way to expand your brand in non-obtrusive ways and closely connect you to your brand in consumers’ eyes.
  • Marketing Materials – Any time you create a marketing tool or material, your logo should be prominently displayed. This includes ads, brochures, product packaging, social media posts, and newsletters.
  • Presentations – On the business side, your presentations should always include a clear indication of the brand you represent.
  • Company Communications – Internally, your company’s brand and culture should be closely connected. Including logos in letters, emails, memos, and other communications reinforce your brand.

Over to You

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what a logo is and the role it plays in your brand image it’s time to start your own brand journey. 

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