Stellar Star Logo Inspiration

Star Logo Inspiration

You want your logo to shine, right? Of course! That’s no easy feat, but one way is to use a star icon in your logo. 

Stars are a commonly used symbol in tons of industries. They symbolize excellence, professionalism, quality, and imagination. It also helps that stars are a powerful, globally understood symbol. 

Scroll down to check out the best star logos according to various industries. Hopefully, it will provide you with the inspiration you need to create your own stellar star logo that will outshine the competition. 

Examples of Star Logo Designs by Industry

Let’s check out some shining examples of star logos found in various industries, and how they’re used with other design elements. 

Drinks and beverages

When it comes to the drink and beverage industry, you want the people drinking your product to know that your product is the star of the show. 

A simple 5-pointed star is great for brands that want a classic, time-honored feel. Heineken’s bright and bold red 5-pointed star pops against the green backdrop of the bottle and wrapper. It’s a great example because it keeps things simple but still captures your attention. Interestingly enough, S. Pellegrino has an almost identical star icon as Heineken. Heineken’s star features a white stripe outlining the star and S. Pellegrino’s star has a white stripe inside the star. 

On the other hand, the icon doesn’t have to be the star of the show (pun intended). The siren is the main focus of the Starbucks logo. But the star icon is like whipped cream on a frappuccino—the supporting, but not less important, element.  

Film and entertainment 

The film and entertainment industry is all about stars. Celebrities are called the “star” of a show and all of them hope to get their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So naturally, using a star icon in the film and entertainment industry makes a ton of sense. 

You can include a star icon anywhere in the logo, even in the business name itself. For example, Star Studios, a motion picture production company, features a star icon in place of the “a” in their name. Or, why stick with just one star when you can have multiple like Paramount Pictures’ banner of stars? Or, stick with the classic 5-pointed star like animation studio Aardman.


Much like the film and entertainment industry, star icons are often found in sports logos. Stars are a patriotic symbol, which very much aligns with the fan base for each state’s sports teams.

The National Football League (NFL) is a good example. The NFL emblem logo features 8 stars, which literally represents the 8 divisions currently used in the NFL, but also figuratively represents the American flag. 

Now consider the Dallas Stars, a professional ice hockey team. Their 3D logo is made up of the team name’s initial lay on top of a star. The star icon looks almost reminiscent of a hockey puck. Another example is the Houston Astros, a professional baseball team, who went with a logo that is designed to look like an old-fashioned baseball. 


Stars evoke feelings of power, quality, excellence, and exploration. That’s why some of the most famous car logos include stars. The list of auto companies that use star icons in their logo features a variety of star shapes. There’s the 3-pointed star (Mercedes) and the classic single 5-pointed star (Western Star). You can use a single star or multiple like the 6 stars in Subaru’s logo.

Entertainment and games

Stars are what fuel dreams and imaginations. You’re probably familiar with the toy and clothing retailer Toys “R” Us and their logo with the white star placed inside the bubble-shaped letter “R”. Then there’s also Rockstar Games, a video game publisher, that has a star logo, which might seem obvious given the company name. But sometimes keeping it simple is what can make your brand stand ou


Apparel brands use star logos to convey imagination, creativity, timelessness, and achievement. Converse, the popular shoe brand, features a 5-pointed star to symbolize excellence and high quality. DC Shoes chose a star to refer to the celebrities who mostly wear their clothes. Macy’s has an interesting story. The star, supposedly, was inspired by a tattoo on the founder, Rowland Hussey Macy. Apparently, Macy adopted the star as his symbol of success. 

Real estate and finances

You want whoever is helping with your real estate or finances to be dependable, successful, and aiming for high achievement. A star logo is a classic symbol to get that message across to potential customers. 

Matchstick Alliance is an interesting example because they chose an animated logo, which is a very fun and exciting way to grab attention. On the other hand, it’s always good to go with a classic star design, like All Star Financial and Coldwell Banker.

Over to You

Shapes can help forge a clear emotional and psychological connection between your brand and audience. Star icons say a lot about your brand: High quality, excellence, professionalism, creativity, and more. Now, all that’s left to do is get started on designing your very own star logo. 


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