Top 17 Places to Find Logo Design Inspiration

What do you do if you want an A+ logo but are having a D- day in creativity? We all know how that feels! However, since your logo is a crucial element of your brand identity, when it comes to designing it, you can’t afford to have an off-day.

Maybe you just came up with a business idea, but you’re not sure where to start with your logo design.

What kinds of designs are out there? Which colors are going to look the best with your brand name? How can you create a logo that’s unique but relatable?

Whether you’re feeling the creativity block hard and need a boost, or you just want to get a sense of what other logo designers have brought to the table, we guarantee there are enough resources to go around.

Here are the best inspiring places to find logo design ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

1. Behance

Behance curated galleries

A site full of curated galleries, Behance is the place to look if you want the pick of the web’s best design collections without putting in the effort of searching.

You can filter your search of collections by logo design, or simply scroll through the “Best of Behance” to find all the logo design inspiration you could want!

2. Pinterest

Pinterest logos - design inspiration

This social media platform has thousands of resources from which to draw ideas. You can create a board with designs that have inspired you from around the web, or look through others’ logo boards to see what they’ve come up with!

3. Dribbble

Dribble screen shot

While not focused on logo design per se, Dribbble is an online community for graphic designers, web designers, photographers and artists. They feature user-made artwork, and a quick search for “logos” in the search bar will show you the creative work of hundreds of top-notch logo designers.  

4. DeviantArt

DeviantArt screen shot

Another art-sharing site, DeviantArt boasts over a million logos in their collection from designers all over the web. Need we say more?

5. Logo of the Day

Logo of the Day

As the name suggests, you can come here for logo design inspiration on the daily! Logos are added to the site each day, and are then ranked by votes and comments. Periodic Logo of the Day awards were once given out for submitted logo entries, and the winning logos are currently featured on the site – all meant to inspire and motivate.

6. Creative Bloq

Creative Blog

A website for art and design inspiration, Creative Bloq has a news channel that’s specifically dedicated to logos. From upcoming logo trends to audits of new brand logos to hit the market, this site is a great place to go for all news logo-related.

7. Logospire

This online gallery is easy to navigate – and it is exclusively for logos! While the site is no longer accepting new logo entries, its creator has left it open for visitors to scroll down and be inspired.

8. Logo Gala

Logo Gala

Another website dedicated to logo design inspiration, Logo Gala features a new logo every day – and they accept submissions! You can browse the site for logo inspo, and submit your logo for review after you’re feeling appropriately motivated.  

9. Brand New

Brand New

This site offers opinions on corporate and brand identity work, with a focus on design. A branch of Under Consideration – a graphic design enterprise – Brand New covers new designs and redesigns from all sorts of industries, in all kinds of locations.

In other words, if you’re looking for info on logo design trends, this is where it’s at!

10. LogoMoose

Join the LogoMoose design community to get involved in discussion forums, learn design tips and tricks, and of course, get inspired by professional logo designers, whose logos you can find on every corner of the site.

Also, you can submit your own logo designs and get feedback from the community on your work; what better way to implement your ideas than this?

11. Vintage Logos

Vintage Logos screenshot

If you want to delve into the vintage logos niche, this collection is for you! Vintage Logos (brought to you by Flickr) is a space to explore logos as they’re featured in the mid-70’s edition of the book World of Logotypes.

12. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible

Let’s switch things up a little! 99% Invisible is a podcast that talks about all things design inspiration – with a special episode on logo design, straight from the mouth of a designer who has created some of the most famous logos in the world.

13. Logopond


Logopond is a site that features a really nice collection of cool logos right on their homepage, coming from a contributing pool of designers worldwide. With a clean layout and simple UI, the site is easy to browse through and find what you’re looking for.

14. LogoTalkz

LogoTalkz screenshot

New to the web, LogoTalkz is a no-frills logo design inspiration gallery. What’s nice about this collection is that it’s organized by logo category (alphabet logos, combination marks, etc), so if you’re looking for a specific type of logo, you’ll be able to easily find it here.

15. LogoLounge

As the name indicates, LogoLounge is a logo-concentrated forum for research, discussion, and, of course, inspiration. You can stay updated on logo news and scroll through nearly 300,000 logo examples for ideas and suggestions.

16. Instagram

Social media is not without its inspirational perks! Check out IG accounts like @logoimport@logopassion and @learnlogodesign to join the discussion over colors, fonts and icon choices. Or, simply search for #logo and you’ll see over 12 million – that’s right, million – posts with logos from every which business that are sure to get the creativity going.

17. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love screenshot

Good logo design is all about the story being told – something that Logo Design Love recognizes. This blog (and book!) is all about the creation of visual brand identities, and the stories behind the world’s most iconic logos. Here, you can learn all about how famous logos get created and what to do to join the process.

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