Where to Get Your Logo Design Inspiration by the Experts

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August 13, 2017
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Where to Get Your Logo Design Inspiration, According to the Experts

Monday, 4th of September 2017

Creating the right logo requires a combination of skill, design savvy, and an excellent idea. However, the logo design process doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and ideas are not always easy to come by. How can you find the perfect logo that matches your vision? What can you do when you’re pondering innovative ideas, but keep drawing blanks? One easy thing to do is to start scouring the web and your everyday life for some inspiration. However, even this simple task can be overwhelming with so much information available. Look at how some of the brightest minds in design find their muses, and the inspiration to begin creating an amazing logo:

“Like the wind, inspiration can hit you at any moment from any direction, so I like to pay attention to the prevailing creativewinds letting my imagination set sail”

Find the Things That Make You Unique

Design expert Kristoffer Howes (@KristofferHowes), CEO of Weal Media, recommends that the place to find inspiration is in the things that make your company different from everyone else’s. He recommends looking through the eyes of your most important stakeholders:

“In today’s ultra-competitive business world, the only way you can stand out from your competition is to differentiate yourself through branding. The first step is to ascertain how your business is performing in the eyes of your customers and employees”

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Look at the World Around You

Josh Baron (@Jawshuwoh), Sparxoo’s Media Art Director, likes to find inspiration in the most random places of everyday life:

“I use weird sources for inspiration. I look at forms in nature and try to reduce them to basic shapes. I’m always trying to invoke a sense of humanity to a logo”

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Find Sources that Resonate with You

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources, says Drea Zlanabitnig’s (@DreaZlanabitnig)—a designer for the New York Times. Her love for museum exhibits has lead to creative and dynamic designs:

“The American Museum of Natural History has been a source of inspiration since I moved to New York more than Eight Years Ago…As an artist and designer, I appreciate the way the dioramas express a devotion to detail. Everything seems to have been considered: the lighting, the animals’ gestures, the overall compositions.”

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Let Your Imagination Run Free

Martin Christie (@LogoDesignL) of London-based logo design firm The Alchemist notes that sometimes the best way to find an idea is to stop thinking and simply start doing:

“Sometimes you can overthink these things and end up getting nowhere, so why not cut your conscious mind out of the loop and instead let the creativity flow, unguided, with a bit of random doodles? You might end up with a page of pointless scribbles, but somewhere in the disjointed mess of lines you might spot something that fires up that essential spark of inspiration.”

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Broaden Your Knowledge to Find Unexpected Inspiration

Award-winning design legend Robin Landa (@RLanda) likes to draw from her creative spring by studying different disciplines and constantly learning:

“My biggest sources of inspiration are delving into other disciplines (medicine, psychology, theater, film, literature, among others) to broaden and deepen my knowledge base and try to make meaningful connections to what I know…New experiences and subjects, even ones that you anticipate not enjoying, might prove enlightening.”

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Always Be Prepared for Inspiration to Strike

In designer Von Glitschka’s (@Vonster) mind, every aspect of life can be an opportunity to be inspired to make outstanding designs:

“Like the wind, inspiration can hit you at any moment from any direction, so I like to pay attention to the prevailing creative winds letting my imagination set sail”

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Get Inspired and Create an Amazing Logo Now

No matter where you find your muse, Tailor Brands can help you turn your inspiration into a unique and powerful logo. Get started today and create a dynamic new face for your business!