Social Analytics

Social Analytics let you see how the world views your brand and the best ways to use Tailor Brands tools to optimize your campaigns. Discover how a deeper understanding of your social media campaign’s effectiveness can help you better reach your audience and create a stronger brand.


What Are Social Analytics?

Understanding your brand’s footprint is more than seeing how many likes your posts are getting on their respective social media platforms. It also consists of engagement—how many people are interacting with you—and the activity surrounding your brand. To really comprehend how your brand is doing, you also need to see how visible it is, both on social media and on the web in general. With Social Analytics, you can view a real-time snapshot of your brand’s value and exposure, and plan accordingly to maximize your marketing efforts.

Why Do I Need Social Analytics?

Social Analytics do more than give you a snapshot; they give you a course of action. By understanding how people are reacting to your brand, you can take better steps to optimize it. Additionally, Tailor Brands’ analytics let you see how your brand is performing with the assets we offer, and how you can further enhance it. If you understand what works and what doesn’t, you can plan more successful campaigns, create best practices, and take full advantage of your brand’s potential.

What Do I Get From Social Analytics?

With Tailor Brands’ analytics suite, you gain a real-time picture of your brand’s traction on Facebook, letting you see how many likes, engagements, and followers you’ve attracted over time. You can also glean insights about how your Tailor Brand-made posts are succeeding. More importantly, you can see your Brand Awareness Score, which tracks your brand’s development.