Brand Book

A brand book from Tailor Brands provides all the information about your small business logo and design that you’ll need.

Brand Book from Tailor Brands

What is A Brand Book?

Contrary to its name, a brand book is simply an online document that provides important information about your brand, including details about spacing, logo variations, best logo sizes, complementary fonts, primary and complementary colors, correct background usage, and information about resizing your logo. This is a go-to document that will provide all the information you need about maintaining your brand in an online, shareable format!

Examples of Brand Books

brand book example
brand book example
brand book example
brand book example

What Do I Get With a Brand Book?

You get all the important information about your brand in a convenient online page you can share with the world. Tailor Brands does not have the ability to print products, so this is not a physical product, but an online brand book customized to your individual brand!

Why Do I Need A Brand Book?

As you extend and develop your brand, you’ll have to know exactly how you can create a cohesive experience for the person interacting with you! You’ll have everything you need to grow with ease and let others know about your brand and how to use it.