Business Deck

The Business Deck from Tailor Brands gives you the business documents you need to start your own small business- perfectly branded with your logo!

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What Is A Business Deck?

Our Business Deck is a trio of documents aimed at ensuring your brand is well-represented in your day-to-day operations. These documents can be duplicated and reused as needed, keeping your small business on brand no matter what you do! Your Tailor Brands logo is displayed on many pages with your brand’s color, making sure you always look professional and sharp! Your Business Deck can be printed with your home computer or sent as a file.

Examples of Business Decks

What Do I Get When I Purchase A Business Deck?

The Business Deck gets you three separate, editable DOTX files, which can be opened in Microsoft Word or Google Drive. Your Business Proposal will come with different page designs and Lorum Ipsum filler text, allowing you to customize as needed. Your Company Letterhead and Branded Invoice come boldly with your logo and brand colors across the top, and are editable as needed for a cohesive visual appearance.

Why Do I Need A Business Deck?

We know you take your small business seriously, and want to make sure that everyone interacting with your brand does as well. Our Business Deck gives your brand a face to those interacting with it in a professional manner, through business correspondence, requested payment for goods and services, or pitching your idea to someone else. Don’t let a sloppy design prevent you from achieving all you can!