Facebook Ads

Create striking ads for your Facebook page in just a few clicks with Tailor Brands! Use your logo and branding to craft new media for your social media presence and connect with your followers.

What are Facebook Ads?

When you’re trying to reach your audience through social media, every post should be tailored to the specific platform you plan to use. With Facebook, ads should be formatted in a specific way, blending appealing visuals with short but effective text. With this combination, you can attract your viewers’ attention and easily let them know about your company, promotion, or services. With customized Facebook ads, you can be assured you’re always creating the best possible posts.

Examples of Facebook Ads

What Do I Get With Facebook Ads?

Instead of overpaying to develop appealing ads, Tailor Brands gives you the ability to instantly generate attractive and fully branded posts in seconds. These posts can be included in your weekly planner and can be uploaded directly to your Facebook account. The Facebook Ads creator gives you a personalized and brand-optimized post for your company in four quick steps. Craft as many ads as your Facebook page needs, and easily fill your posting calendar.

Why Do I Need Facebook Ads?

To succeed in social media marketing, you need a consistent stream of quality content and posts. By using Tailor Brands’ Facebook Ads designer, you can easily automate the process and plan your outreach efforts months in advance. Simplifying your weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar gives you time to react, track your success, and make changes instead of constantly playing catchup. With an easy-to-use designer, you can always construct the perfect post for the right moment while ensuring it’s optimized for Facebook.