Social Posts

Is your business on social media? A Social Post from Tailor Brands includes your message with your logo, a perfect image for Facebook, Twitter, and more!
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What Is A Social Post?

A Social Post is a way for you to communicate on social media with images. Our tool allows you to upload or choose an image from our library, choose a filter using your brand’s color, add text, change your font, and download to publish on numerous social media channels. All Social Posts will remain in your Brand Profile to come back to at a later date, download, and publish as needed!

Examples of Social Posts

instagram post
instagram post example
facebook post example
facebook post example

What Do I Get With Social Posts?

When you create a Social Post, you’ll receive different PNG files to post on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These will give you the choice of a background, filter, and text, and will also include your brand’s color and logo to resonate with anyone interacting with you on these social sites! You’ll get the files for these websites to upload and share.

Why Do I Need Social Posts?

Did you know that research proves that images and videos get more engagement on social media than text-based posts? Like, a lot more engagement. When you have something important to announce about your business or are simply seeking to keep people engaged with your brand as part of your branding strategy, you’ll need a visual that pops. Our Social Posts help you send the message you’d like with visuals that are too good not to use.