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Social Strategy

Our Social Strategy feature includes an automated weekly social post scheduler that will simplify your work on social media. Discover how easy it is to manage your social media with an organized system that lets you control every aspect scheduling and posting to your social channels.

What is the Social Strategy Tool?

Tailor Brands Social Strategy tool includes a unique weekly planner which is an easy and straightforward to use. Keep track of all your social media posts and campaigns, save all your pre-made posts and automatically create new posts on a weekly basis. You can even download and edit each post to make sure they always represent your brand’s values perfectly. Most importantly, the tool ensures you can always plan ahead and see just how successful your campaigns are before adjusting them accordingly.

What do I get with The Social Strategy Tool?

The Social Strategy Tool gives you peace of mind and the ability to think ahead. The social strategy tool will automatically create weekly posts that are scheduled and ready to be uploaded. You also have the ability to add new posts, or download and edit existing ads to fit your specific needs. The Weekly Planner lets you manage multi-channel campaigns and make changes on the go. 

Do I need a The Social Strategy Tool?

Keeping track of social media campaigns and planned posts for a single platform is tricky. Managing several channels and making sure the right post is always going up on time is even more complex. Our Social Strategy will simplify the process by placing posts in the right time slot for each social media platform and automatically uploading them. Even better, it will create new branded posts optimized for each channel, giving you time to focus on the bigger picture.