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It’s all about the details when it comes to the cleaning service industry, and the same is true for your cleaning logo. A strong logo speaks volumes about your business before you even get a chance to showcase your squeaky clean skills. 

Before you jump right into it, it’s important to keep in mind a few best practices when it comes to a cleaning logo. First is scalability: You need to make sure your logo will look good no matter where it’s used (spray bottles, signage, business cards, etc).

Next, it’s best to keep it simple. If your logo is overly busy, it’ll be difficult for your target audience to parse out what your business is all about. And lastly, keep your target audience in mind when designing your logo so that it’ll resonate with them. 

Whether you’re just starting your own cleaning service or looking to polish up your current logo, check out the designs below to get some inspiration. After this article, you’ll be ready to outshine the competition! 

Elements to Consider Depending on Your Niche

Below are examples of cleaning logos for various cleaning services. We’ll see how they use colors, icons, fonts, and style depending on their niche. 

Residential cleaning service

When you hire a residential cleaning service, you’re putting a huge amount of trust in complete strangers to enter your home.

Attributes your target audience are looking for in your residential cleaning service include trust, safety, and quality. Your logo has to express those traits so your target audience feels comfortable choosing your cleaning service. 

Do you notice what each of these logos have in common? Each of them has a blue color palette. Colors hold meaning; blue is often associated with loyalty, respectability, and a sense of calm. That’s why blue is a great choice for residential cleaning services. 

Deeper blues offer big businesses confidence and professionalism, whereas light blue conveys calm and fun. For example, the logos for both Home Clean and Cleany use a light blue color to express an easygoing vibe. Maid Pro and Maid Brigade went with a dark blue color scheme to let their target audience know they’re a professional company.

Commercial cleaning services

As a commercial cleaning service, you’re catering to businesses rather than individuals – which means you may want to emphasize your professionalism before anything else. 

Notice how these logos look a lot more chic and sleek than the ones for residential cleaning services? That’s mostly thanks to the black, silver and gray color combinations spread among them, which all exude sophistication and competence.

The fonts used support that message, with a thin, modern sans-serif that looks clean and gets to the point (Sterling), and the sans-serif that gives off a polished appearance. 

However, commercial doesn’t have to equal plain. Notice how Gleem uses electric blue and a playful, rounded font to immediately catch they eye? It’s a reminder that when you choose your commercial cleaning logo, you should design it based on the clientele you want to attract – whether that’s a luxury fashion building or an office of hip startups. 

Green cleaning services

If you believe a clean planet is as important as a clean home, you’ll probably hire an environmentally conscious cleaning service. These businesses usually cater to audiences who are seeking green products that are free from harmful chemicals and wasteful practices.  

All 3 logo examples shown above use the color green in their design for obvious reasons. Green is the color found most often in nature and nowadays green living has become extremely popular. Go Green and Midtown Green Cleaning both use orange because it elicits feelings of vitality and happiness. 

Additionally, each of the logos use a green leaf icon. The leaf highlights the nature-centric values of these businesses. 

House and closet organization

If you need a professional house and closet organizer, you’ll be drawn to a logo that conveys trust (after all, they’re entering your house and sorting through all your personal belongings) and professionalism. 

Font is a design element that you’ll want to get just right. The font you use in your logo tells potential clients a lot about your business. Lisa Jacob’s Imagine it Done logo uses all-caps sans serif and script font. Sans serif fonts feature clean, straight lines that are a good choice for scalability. Script fonts evoke creativity, sophistication, and friendliness. 

Laundry and dry cleaning services

What do all 3 of the logos featured above have in common? Circle shapes. Circles relate to laundry and dry cleaning services because, well, soap bubbles. When used in logo design, circles symbolize stability and a sense of welcoming. These are things clients will look for when deciding who to trust to do their laundry. 

Another thing you might notice about these logos is the layout. Brown Bag Laundry, for example, is structured in a way that the words are in the shape of a bag. Bubbles & Suds Laundromat placed their text around the circle in a way that reminds you of the way laundry machines go round and round.

Carpet cleaning

As a carpet cleaning business, you offer very specific services. That means your target audience is looking for quick and easy, reliable, fast service. Your logo has to convey those things to your target audience. 

First off, you’ll want your logo to clearly explain what your business is all about. It needs to be specific so people don’t think you’re just a generic cleaning service. That’s why I like 212 Rug Cleaner’s logo—if the name didn’t give it away, the icon of a man vacuuming sure does. Flat Rate Carpet’s logo similarly uses an icon to spell out their specific service. Like I said earlier, keep it simple. 

Over to You

You want your logo to do a lot of the heavy lifting: Communicate your brand’s message, connect to your audience, and set you apart from competitors. Hopefully, this article has helped spark inspiration so you can create your own cleaning logo that can do this for you. 

When you’re in the design process, keep the best practices I mentioned in mind and you’ll be on your way to a stunning logo. When you’re ready, go to our logo maker page to get started. 


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