8 Fitness Logos to Pump Up Your Brand

Creating a fitness logo for your brand shouldn’t raise your heart rate and make you sweat.

Why do we say that?

Not so long ago, many people thought you needed to surround yourself with sweaty folks in a cramped gym to stay in shape. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today, clean and friendly fitness centers—with programs ranging from kickboxing to Pilates—have replaced grubby weight rooms and old exercise machines on their last legs. 

And it doesn’t stop there; nothing is stopping business owners like you from setting up shop in your local park and making your clients sweat in the open air, or even coaching your customers via an online streaming platform like Zoom.

Like the industry itself, fitness logos have evolved to accommodate this new way of working out. 

So, let’s check out how to create a fitness logo that will pump your brand and get customers begging for your services.

What Makes a Good Fitness Logo?

A good fitness logo needs more than just innovative images, nice fonts and pretty colors.

To start, it needs to grab attention and get your brand noticed by the people YOU want it to. If you’re catering fitness services to pregnant moms, you don’t want steroid-filled bodybuilders knocking at your door.

In other words, it should resonate with your target audience. Using colors and imagery that appeals to your target audience will help them take notice of your brand and feel like it’s relevant for them.

And, a good fitness logo is memorable. There’s no point in having a plain logo that’s easily forgotten; when someone sees your logo, you want to make sure they don’t glance right past it without a second thought.

Finally, your logo should tell your audience what you do or what they can gain from you. Don’t make your audience try and guess what your brand does; try to play with different design elements like colors, images, and fonts to tell your brand’s story.

If you’re wondering what kinds of designs you can create in order to draw your audience in, just continue on!

Types of Fitness Logos

Just like us, fitness logos come in all shapes and sizes. To help boost your creativity, here are the top categories for fitness logo design:


Bright fitness logos

You probably know better than anyone that, even though working out can feel like torture for a lot of people, afterwards, your body fires off endorphins that make you feel like a million bucks! That’s why many people love exercising, even though it can sometimes be quite gruelling.

With your logo, you’ll want people to focus on the feel-good factor of working out, and not the negative side of things, like burning muscles and aches and pains.

To do that, you can use bright, uplifting colors that highlight the positive side of exercise and make your clients feel good just by looking at your logo. For example, you can try using yellow, as it’s one of the most cheerful colors out there, filled with energy and a source of light.

Hip fitness logos

Logos play an essential role in the branding of your business and are one of the most effective ways to communicate who you are to your potential clients.

If you’re a hip fitness instructor who focuses on fun workouts while using funky music and equipment, then showcase that identity with a stylish logo. A trendy logo that’s buzzing with character will help you stand out from the crowd and bring your brand to life.

It’ll also help potential customers “hear” your brand story, while taking up minimal space due to your logo’s small size.

If you’re targeting younger audiences who aren’t interested in the typical gym experience, but want something more exciting like CrossFit or unique studio experiences, show them what they want to see with your hip logo.  

Fitness logos with custom fonts

So many logos focus on images and shapes that they forget the power and role typography can play in your design.

Using a custom font allows you to inject more personality into your logo, whether it’s a bold, authoritative font with strong lines or a font that’s lean and mean, showing off how elegant and flexible you are.

Using a custom font will also help you stand out from other fitness logos, especially if it’s a crowded scene. Many logo designs use the same fonts, like Helvetica, which is a classic-looking typeface, or Rockwell, which is more rugged and bold.

By using something completely different, you stand a better chance of getting noticed and making an impact.

"Feminine" fitness logos

If your fitness brand targets women who are trying to lose post-partum weight or lead a healthy lifestyle, a traditionally “feminine” logo may let you zero in on your target audience.

You do need to be aware that not all female sport-lovers are the same. You wouldn’t target a young college student looking to get fit the same way you would a career woman in her 50’s. With that in mind, think about the location and background of your target group and how you can create a logo that best speaks to them.


When thinking about feminine logos, your first thought may be to spray it pink and call it a day. While that’s certainly an option, some of your potential clientele might not be drawn to it. Create a feminine logo that’s powerful, charming, elegant and speaks to the specific demographic that you’re trying to target.

Nutrition-focused fitness logos

If you’re a fitness brand that also focuses on helping your clients create a nutrition-rich diet to follow alongside exercises to stay shape, let them know that in your logo!

Whether you hint at it with your logo name, use an icon of a healthy food, or go with a green color palette, there are a number of ways to turn your logo into a design that screams “nutrition”.

Don’t be afraid to play around with different fonts and color pairings to find the combination that best expresses what your brand is about.

Over to You

When designing your fitness logo, remember to keep it fresh, unique, memorable and attractive.

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