How to Build A Scalable Brand and Watch it Grow

Creating a brand is an essential and time-intensive aspect of any company’s evolution. Designing the perfect logo, choosing the right colors, and setting your business’ values in stone is a vital part of delivering the best possible first impression to the world. However, many times, we start designing and planning thinking only of the now, and not considering where a company may be in the future.

While this isn’t necessarily the end of the world, it is a problem that companies face when they stop being small and start contemplating growth and expansion.

The issue is that sometimes what works for a company of 3 or 4 people doesn’t translate well to a staff of 30 or 40. As businesses develop, they need their brands to scale with them, and this is easier said than done. However, it doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. These easy to follow tips can help you build a scalable brand that will grow with you and become a vital element of your business!

“Know who you are, and focus,

Always remember what your company stands for.

Growth Starts With a Strong Foundation

A major issue many non-scalable brands have is that they’re built on a weak foundation. When creating your brand, the very first step towards ensuring it will grow with you is to create a base that will remain steady even as the details around it evolve.

This begins with your company’s core values and mission. Before putting pencil to paper, you need to consider what your company stands for, and how these values will shape your brand and its messaging.

Begin by crafting a mission statement that can stand the test of time. Remember, no matter what size your company is, your mission will always remain the same. Therefore, if your values are well-defined, and your mission is clear, growing your brand becomes significantly easier when attempting to scale.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Yourself

When you start growing, your audience also grows, and suddenly you’ll start getting some negative reviews to go along with the glowing ones your early adopters have left you with.

One of the biggest reasons brands become harder to scale is that companies become more fearful of the possibility of failure. This fear leads companies to quickly rebrand or attempt to shift their strategy to get only aspire towards receiving positive feedback.

The problem is that no matter how hard you try, it’s not possible to be everything for everyone, and not everyone will love what you do all the time. Scalable brands know what they stand for and who they are and will remain steady even if some people disapprove. This doesn’t mean you should stick to something that isn’t working, but you should not be quick to dismiss your brand just because a few people were unimpressed by your efforts.

Build a Strong Base of Early Adopters

Growing means expanding to new markets and reaching bigger audiences. This is a completely normal process, but it can be difficult if you don’t have a strong following when you attempt to expand. Being scalable starts small and involves having a loyal base of customers who are happy to be brand ambassadors.

When you put time into forging strong relationships with your oldest customers, they will reward you many times over whether referrals, introductions, or word of mouth advertising.

When you first release your brand into the world, prioritize creating a community around your products or services. Interact with your customers, reward them for loyalty, and give them the encouragement to tell their friends how amazing you are. This will help once you grow organically and mean that no matter how long it takes to expand, your community will help you through any of the rough patches you invariably will encounter.

Have Great Visuals

No matter how hard you try, your brand will slowly evolve over time. However, starting from a great logo means that you can fine-tune your branding instead of hitting the reset button every few years.

The best brands are those that create a timeless visual presence and consistently tweak it to match the times and mirror their growth. McDonald’s has left their golden arches largely unchanged for decades, as has Nike with their iconic swoosh, even as trends change.

The reason is simple:

If you constantly change your logo, your brand’s recognition is watered down, and people are more likely to forget you. Start off right and create a logo that can withstand the test of time.

Keep Your Marketing Focused

Growth is generally accompanied by a substantially bigger marketing budget. As your brand starts to expand, it’s tempting to try as many strategies as possible to see what sticks instead of focusing all energy in just one channel. This scattershot approach can work sometimes, but most of the time will result in wasted efforts and resources. Moreover, it could even harm your brand’s value.

When you create a brand, it’s important to also consider your marketing strategies. Think of how your efforts will grow with you and find marketing strategies that are easy to scale. Channels such as video, social media, and even popular community outlets give you the ability to keep using them no matter your size. Moreover, they allow you to create a solid persona that your brand loyalists will come to recognize and embrace.

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