How to Write a Killer About Page

You know what an About page is—you’ve clicked on it dozens of times to learn more about a business. But there’s a difference between an About page and an About page…you get what I’m saying.

And since it’s one of the most important pages on your website, you want your About page to be the perfect reflection of who you are and why your business matters.

While an About page needs to grab your audience’s attention, it doesn’t need to look like the Las Vegas strip—you don’t need to pull out all the tricks to connect with your audience. But you do need to include some essential information so that you give your audience everything they need to support your business.

While there are many ways to write an About page, we’re all about keeping it simple. By the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what you need to make sure your About Us page pops.

Terms to Know

You’re going to be seeing some common industry terms, and it’s good to know what they mean. Here are some terms you’ll see throughout the article.

Buyer’s Journey: the buyer’s path to make a purchase. 

Brand: a marketing concept that gives identity to a business or product

Brand Identity: visible elements that identify the brand. This includes color scheme, logo, and design.

Brand Values: The core values a business believes in and stands for. These values help guide a business’s actions and behavior.

Call to action (CTA): a marketing term for any prompt that instructs the visitor on the next step to make. For example, a button that reads “get your free demo here” or “read more” is a call to action.
Mission statement: the purpose of your business. It answers the question: why does your business exist?

What’s the Real Goal of an About Page?

Like I said before, it’s one of the most important pages of your website. This page isn’t about pushing a product or service; rather, it fills in the blanks to their unanswered questions about the business itself.

You don’t give your money to just anyone, right? So, why would your customers be any different? Before investing in your product or service, potential customers want to know a couple of things:

And where do they get the answers? On your About page. By answering these questions, your customers will decide whether they want to build a relationship with you or move on—which will reflect in your sales. 

While I don’t want to exaggerate, writing a killer page is extremely important. Was I too intense? If you’re feeling the pressure, take a breath because it’s not as challenging as I just made it sound (I’m so dramatic). 

By following this article, you’ll create an About page that not only connects with your customers but converts those relationships into sales. Don’t worry, I’ll be showing you examples later on in the post.

Getting Ready For the About Page

I wouldn’t say you need to “prepare” yourself—you’re not jumping into the ring to fight Mike Tyson! But there are some helpful tips to get you in the right mindset before you begin writing your About page. 

This isn’t about making a sale 

While the rest of your site is dedicated to guiding visitors through the buyer’s journey, that’s not what your About page is trying to achieve. 

It is only meant to help visitors learn more about you and your business. That’s it. So, put your sales pitch to the side—you’re not going to need it. Approach your page wanting to share your story.

Short, sweet, and to the point

I know you probably have quite the story behind you and your business, and while you should share it, you also need to keep the reader in mind. 

An average website user has an attention span of 8 seconds, so your goal is to give them everything they need without writing an essay. Remember, short, sweet, and to the point. 

To help you with this, write down everything about your business and then pick the sections that you feel are important for the reader to know.

Be genuine

The purpose of this page is to build brand identity and connect with visitors. When reading it, potential customers are going to decide whether they trust you or not. So why lie? When writing your page, be authentic and honest. 

Now that you have these tips in mind, you’re ready to write. But what do you write? Here are the must-haves you need for a killer About page.  

The Essentials for Your About Page

While there are many ways you can share your story, some things just work. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel! By including these essentials on your page, you’ll give your visitors all the information they need to understand your business and trust your brand. 

The company description

In other words, why does your business exist? What makes your company different from the rest? This is where you can mention your company values and mission statement. This section should be under 150 words (remember, short and sweet!).

Introduce the people behind your business

If you’re a one-person show, skip this part. People want to see the faces behind the brand—can you blame them, you’re a beaut! 

You can include a write-up about yourself and your employees, with photos. Adding visuals and employee write-ups help humanize your brand. While keeping it professional, add fun facts about yourself or staff members to help visitors connect with your brand. 

Your story

You’ve told visitors about your business, but what about the brain behind it? Why did you start your business? How did you get started? Share your story to continue cultivating a relationship with your visitors.

Call to Action

You’ve shared your business values, introduced the faces behind the brand, and why you started your business—where do they go from here? Now it’s time for a call to action (CTA). 

Help them take the next step. The CTA could be for them to read a post on your blog, book a demo, or contact a sales representative. The goal of the About page isn’t to sell, so one clear CTA is all you need. 


Do you have customers with a few positive words to share about your business? Include them on your page.  A few customer testimonials can help build trust and brand authority. 

Choose testimonials that are well-written and emphasize your capabilities—it’s your time to shine! Stay away from testimonials with a lot of exclamation marks or emojis (unless your customers are into emojis). 

Contact information

They know everything about your business, so it’s time you gave them your contact information. Include a visible Contact Us form on your page—you don’t want them to have to search for your phone number.

5 Amazing About Pages That Get it Right

Reading about a great About page is one thing, but seeing it is another. I want to make sure you have visual examples that you can reference. Scroll through and you’ll notice that they’re not only simple, but also include the essentials I listed above. Here are 5 amazing About pages to use as inspiration.


Credo is a business focused on leading the way in cleaning up the beauty industry. They offer ethical, clean, and sustainable beauty products.

What can I say? They nailed it. This brand is all about keeping things simple and natural—and it shows on their page. Credo used the power of their brand story and values to invite visitors to join them on their journey. They also highlight that 90% of women lead their team—an important fact for their customers to know.

Chitè Lingerie

Chitè Lingerie is a slow-fashion French lingerie business that wants to revamp the lingerie industry. They’re focusing on empowering women by allowing them to customize their products entirely, whether it’s fabric, colors, and size. 

If you need a visual for a classic About page layout, take a look at Chitè Lingerie. They did everything by the book yet added their unique story. Right away, they tell you their mission and what makes them different from their competitors. This is followed by an introduction of the founder, their achievements, and staff bios. And it’s all tied in with an elegant design that matches their brand identity. 

CrossFit Fort Vancouver

CrossFit Fort Vancouver is a CrossFit gym that aims to help you reach your fitness goals and improve your overall wellbeing and mental health. 

Their page isn’t “fancy,” but it’s a great example that you don’t need to be a web designer to nail this page. They included all the essential information but switched the layout around. They placed their staff photos in the beginning, followed by their mission, business story, achievements, and ended with a call to action in bright green.

Healthy Roots

Healthy Roots Dolls is a toy company that creates diverse dolls and storybooks for young girls, creating characters that come in all colors with various interests and aspirations. Through their dolls and storybooks, they aim to inspire self-love and empower the women of tomorrow.

But how do I know this? From their About page, of course! And it took me a couple of seconds to read about their business. Their page is extremely concise and to the point. If you read through, you’ll notice their business story only tells you what you need to hear—no fluff added. 

What I also like about their page is that they highlight an achievement next to their mission statement, building more trust and authority in their industry. Not only are they telling you about their mission, but they’re showing you people’s reaction to it. 

Sara Dietschy

If you’re creating original content, then you are the product. Content creator Sara Dietschy has over 835,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she uploads tech reviews, docu-series, and vlogs. She’s partnered with big names like Samsun, Logitech, and AT&T. As you can see, she’s focusing solely on her niche and creating engaging and informative tech content.

So what makes her About page shine? Firstly, it’s simple. There’s a clear photo of herself, an explanation of what she does, and a list of her achievements. It’s short, sweet, and to the point—you learn everything you need to know about her and why she matters as a creator. The text is broken up into small paragraphs, with blocks of color to fill the white space. While she doesn’t have a specific call to action, her social media icons are featured at the bottom of the webpage.

About Us Template for Beginners

Going through writer’s block? It happens to the best of us. It’s not easy talking about yourself or your business. I can’t tell you what to say in your business description or personal introduction. But, if you need an extra hand, here’s an About us template you can use. 

It’s simple, but covers the essentials. All you have to do is fill in the brackets. However, feel free to switch things around and add your personal touch to it (I highly recommend!). 

Download this PDF template and have it available whenever you need.

Final Thoughts

tl;dr  oh no, there’s no easy way out. You can’t scroll to the bottom for a summary and miss all of this juicy (and informative) information! If there’s one post you should read, it’s this one.

You know the essentials to a killer About page; now it’s in your hands. 

If you approach your page with an open heart and willingness to share your story, you’ll build genuine and long-lasting relationships with your visitors. 

So, include these elements in your page, keep it simple, and be genuine in your storytelling—that’s all you need to do to rock this. 


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Natasha Ivanovic is a Vancouver-born creative writer that started her writing career as a freelancer while studying for her Master’s in Investigative Psychology. On the weekends, she writes short stories for her blog, TheLonelySerb, and cuddles with her bulldog, Bob.