Use Brand Analytics To Optimize Your Marketing

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September 19, 2017
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How Brand Analytics Can Optimize your Marketing

Tuesday, 17th of September 2017

Planning a social media campaign is easy, right? A great logo and brand, some appealing posts for Instagram and Facebook, and you’re set to start posting away. The likes will start pouring in by themselves, and you can just let it go on automatically without end.

While this may sound great in theory, the reality is somewhat more complex. Social media and branding strategies are easy to start, but take close monitoring and constant fine-tuning to truly be successful. After all, continuing something you don’t know is effective is not just a waste of time, but can actually damage your outreach efforts over the long run.

This is where brand analytics come in.

“Marketing campaigns are better when you can quantify
their impact. Understanding your brand analytics will help optimize your marketing strategies.”

What Are Brand Analytics?

Tracking social media campaigns can be easy thanks to some standard metrics such as likes, follows, and general engagement. However, seeing how people react to a brand takes more insight. For one, most standard metrics focus on a specific social media platform, and a brand is larger than the posts on your Facebook page.

To truly understand your brand’s effectiveness, you need a way to see the bigger picture, and that’s where brand analytics become a crucial function to fulfill. With Tailor Brands’ analytics tools, you can track your brand’s traction on both Instagram and Facebook, measuring engagement and follows. More importantly, you can regularly review your Brand Awareness score.

Your Brand Awareness score reflects an overall snapshot of your brand’s effectiveness. It’s based on how well you’ve developed it so far by using the assets that accompany Tailor Brands’ Dynamic and Premium account types. More importantly, it lets you know how visible and how much reach your brand has, giving you actionable solutions to keep enhancing your company’s image.

How Can You Improve Your Brand Awareness?

To optimize your brand’s potential, your best move is to continue finding ways to be more visible. You can take advantage of Tailor Brands’ various tools to help in this endeavor. Using Facebook Ads can quickly boost your outreach on the platform and keeping track of your campaigns on the weekly planner will ensure that you have a consistent strategy that keeps your name present in your followers’ minds constantly as you build up your brand on social media. You can also boost your awareness even further by using tools such as the seasonal logos, which are a terrific way to connect with audiences in a fun and creative manner.

Get Your Marketing Strategy on Track!

Unleash your brand’s reachability and potential with Brand Analytics to revolutionize the way you plan and track your social media campaigns now!