A logo is the start of your branding efforts
a great logo will contribute to a strong brand and marketing success

Many times, small companies that are starting to think of marketing strategies create an amazing logo, and decide their work is done. What leads to this sudden stoppage of work? The fact that for many people, a logo equates to a full-fledged branding campaign. Really, a logo is just the first step in creating a strong brand identity. If designed correctly, it can make future marketing efforts a walk in the park to plan.

However, some people still think of branding as creating a logo. Instead, you should consider your logo design as one crucial part of your brand. With a well-designed logo, companies can make important branding decisions with more confidence and success.

Here are some of the biggest differences between a logo and your company’s brand:

“If designed correctly, a logo can make

future branding efforts a walk in the park”


A Logo is Part of your Overall Brand

A brand is a company’s identity. It defines the colors a company uses, the fonts they choose, how they communicate with clients, and much more. Branding efforts depend upon a variety of factors including defining company-wide communications, visual design, demographics, and marketing. A logo is one of the first steps in branding, helping establish a visual language as well as colors and tone for brand identity.

Logos are the Cover, Brands are the Book

The most successful logos are those that can communicate something of value to viewers. That meaning, however, is not built into a logo. Brands can infuse a logo with value, and can easily transmit a company’s core beliefs and mission to customers in a visual way. By working on both simultaneously with Tailor Brand’s logo and branding tools, you can make sure your company’s image is always coordinated and coherent.


Branding is More than Marketing

In a nutshell, branding is a company’s way of life. Most decisions made by a company will reflect that brand identity. A company such as Nike, whose identity is about fashionable athletics, will make sure that everything it sells, displays on television, and prints in magazines will reflect that. Logos are a crucial component in this overall strategy, as they are always visibly displayed in any marketing materials. Making sure they’re on the same page is not just recommended, it’s vital.

Logos Need an Identity Behind Them

One big problem with abandoning marketing efforts after creating an amazing logo is that they are meant to be understood. Because a logo is so connected to branding, displaying it without a strong identity can lead to ineffective marketing. Logos are a calling card, but customers will want to learn more based on the identity behind that image. This is why Tailor Brands works diligently to help companies integrate both parts flawlessly.

One Cannot Happen Without the Other

This may be the most confusing aspect of logos and branding. A company’s logo is the first thing many people will see, and what will draw them in. Once there, a logo can’t serve as more than a visual cue or emotional trigger. To have that impact behind it, logos need brands to craft an experience for customers that can leave them wanting more. Similarly, a brand without a logo has a much harder time becoming memorable, as it misses the mental and emotional anchor logos can help create.

Design Your Logo, Create A Brand

With a clearer understanding of how a logo and a brand work hand in hand, Tailor Brand’s logo and brand designing suite can help create a harmonious balance between your company’s image and its visual anchor. Create a logo that speaks volumes about your brand and enhance your marketing efforts instantly.

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