Best Jewelry Logos For Your Inspiration

Jewelry logos inspiration

Your jewelry logo must look as polished as the merchandise you sell. Like any statement piece, your logo is a symbol reflecting your business’s best qualities. It tells your target audience that your business is professional, your goods are top quality, and that you’re the go-to place for all of their jewelry needs. 

Whether you handcraft wire-wrapped jewelry or specialize in ethically sourced sustainable pieces, you have to set your business apart from the competition with a stunning jewelry logo

Check out the logo designs below to gain some inspiration and logo ideas from the top jewelry brands. 

Artistic Jewelry Logos

As an artist, you’ll appreciate these examples of artistic logos’ choice of icon, custom fonts, and character features. 

Anabela Chan Jewelry designer

Anabela Chan is the first fine jewelry brand in the world to champion laboratory-grown gemstones with high artisanal craftsmanship. Her gorgeous creations are worn and loved by celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, J.Lo, Taylor Swift, and even members of the Royal Families. As such, the elite jeweler’s logo icon should be a delicate outline of a butterfly wing. Subtle and unpretentious, yet impressive enough to captivate a loyal following.

Oceanne logo

What makes Oceanne’s logo memorable is the font and cleverly designed letter ‘A’. As a modern minimalist handmade jeweler, French designer Anne Harrill handmakes each piece with love and care. By adopting a minimal design approach, the logo delivers a clean aesthetic highlighting these attributes and more. 

Ermine logo

Ermine’s striking logo fulfills their promise to create unique pieces of jewelry. The brand is the brainchild of 2 visual artists who enjoy mixing their fashion and art experience to craft limited edition pieces inspired spontaneously by the elements they choose to work with. The letter ‘M’ appears to take the shape of a crown while the ‘E’ showcases their creativity at work. 

Stephen Webster logo

Stephen Webster’s logo is sophistication and simplicity at its finest. The logo design encourages you to discover the luxurious collection of artistic and innovative jewelry. By interweaving the designer’s initials, the result is a refined logo that captures the essence of the brand succinctly. 

Use of Color 

The colors you choose to use in your logo hold significant meaning. Let’s check out how different jewelry businesses use specific colors in their logo to express their brand.

BeaBonGiaSca logo

Many jewelry brands tend to stick with minimalist color palettes to give off a modern and sophisticated vibe. But Bea Bongiasca’s bubblegum pink logo is an invitation to discover the fun side of jewelry design. Pink symbolizes femininity, vivaciousness, and spunk, which is just what Bea Bongiasca was looking to express. 

Tiffany Co logo

No color is as strongly linked to a brand as Tiffany Blue. The iconic robin egg blue color was registered as a trademark by Tiffany & Co. since 1998. And in 2001, it became a custom color created exclusively for Tiffany and not made publicly available. The hue is instantly recognized as being associated with the brand, which is ultimately your logo’s main goal. 

Notte logo

NOTTE owner Jessica Tse aims to make jewelry fun while sparking happiness through her designs one jewel at a time. According to the website, NOTTE jewelry was born from late night ideas and spontaneous bursts of inspiration. With an aesthetic combining a fun mix of New York quirk with daydreams in Italy, NOTTE’s carefree logo perfectly captures the brand. 

Asprey logo

Purple is a color that can steal attention in any room. Expressing attributes like luxury, wealth, power, and even a bit of mystery, purple is a powerful color for a jewelry logo. The iconic British luxury brand Asprey uses only the finest and rarest precious stones. Each Asprey piece is made by hand by world renowned master jewelers. Naturally, their purple logo is quite fitting. 

She Bee logo

Why choose one color when your logo can shine as bright as a diamond with them all? Although logo color palette best practices say to stick with 1 to 2 colors (3 max), Shebee proves that sometimes rules are meant to be broken. 

Icon Choice

Icons are meant to accent—not overwhelm—the logo’s overall design. Here’s some of the best examples of jewelry logo icons. 

Cabochon logo

When it comes to luxury brands like Cabochon Jewelry, a crown icon fits nicely to depict a picture of wealth and power. The intricate yet delicate crown icon sits on the top of the letter ‘C’ to accent the overall logo design.

Tous logo

It’s important to choose an icon that isn’t overused or cliche in order to distinguish your business from the competition. Find a symbol that says something unique about your brand. Take it from Tous who chose a bear for their icon. 

Swarovski logo

Swarovski is an iconic brand famous for creating high-end jewelry and sculptures. The instantly recognizable Swarovski Swan has been used as the brand’s logo since 1988. The elegant swan is an example of simple elegance and timelessness. It’s welcoming while also maintaining a look of wealth and luxury. 

Jangmi logo

Specializing in diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other tokens for loved ones, Jangmi is recognized as a trusted and loved jewelry store. Due to their specialization in love and relationships, a simple rose bud icon blooming over the letter ‘i’ is a lovely accent to the overall logo.


Founded in 1858, the French jewelry dynasty lives on today with modern, innovative pieces crafted from the finest gemstones and 18-karat gold. Boucheron stands as a timeless pillar in the world of fine jewelry and will remain so for the years to come. Thus, it is only right that a tall swirling pillar is the logo icon. 

Wordmark Jewelry Logos

Wordmarks are text-based logos that don’t include pictures or images. Here are examples of wordmark jewelry logos. 

Pandora logo

Wordmark logos help increase brand recognition and usually don’t go out of style because they’re timeless and versatile. Just take it from Pandora, the beloved jewelry brand, to prove that stripped down is anything but boring! 

Sit & wonder logo

Wordmark logos such as Sit & Wonder show that you don’t need a number of design elements to make a logo stand out. This particular logo is memorable for its simplicity and whimsical font, placement, and layout. 

Maple & J

Wordmark logos often use design techniques such as kerning (the spacing between individual letters or characters) to make a statement. Maple & J’s logo has a higher kerning putting the letters farther apart from one another. This creates balance in the design and is visually pleasing. 

Cartier logo

If you offer high-end jewelry like Cartier, consider using a script font to convey elegance and sophistication. Script fonts come off as timeless and sophisticated, which is exactly what Cartier wants to express. 

Van Cleef and Arples logo

If you want a more conservative jewelry logo design, serif fonts are the best choice. Serif fonts are popular with brands that want to portray an elegant, sophisticated brand. Logos such as Van Cleef & Arpels use a serif font to display an air of tradition and reliability. 

Handwritten Jewelry Logos

Handwritten logos come off as fashion-forward and stylish. Let’s look at some examples for inspiration.

Hueb logo

Hueb’s logo uses a handwritten font as a way to add some humanity and flair to their design. As a unique luxury jewelry brand, Hueb’s mission is to deliver passion and purpose. A handwritten font is the best choice to drive home this message.

Luna jewelry logo

What’s so lovely and memorable about Luna Jewelry’s logo is that it looks like a paintbrush signature written with a single stroke of the hand. It portrays a sense of craftsmanship and artistry in a way other fonts could not. 

Sophe Birgitt logo

Designer Sophie Birgitt combines delicate and feminine aesthetics with strong and edgy to create gorgeous, distinct pieces of jewelry. Each piece is an original work of art handmade in Birgitt’s studio. Her brand’s signature logo is a testament of her devotion to her craft and artistry. 

Over to You

As you’ve seen, a strong logo will communicate your brand’s message and attributes, as well as set you apart from competitors. I hope you’ve been inspired to create your own jewelry logo. Note which designs caught your interest and sparked creative ideas. When you’re ready to make a jewelry logo, you can head to our logo maker o get started.


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