Real Estate Logo Inspiration

The best way to attract attention, build the foundation of your brand, and separate yourself from the competition is to create a logo for your real estate business

Before you get started, you’ll want to see what other businesses in the real estate industry have done. That way you’ll see what you like, what you don’t, and get a better idea of what you want your real estate logo to look like. 

Keep scrolling to see top logo designs for inspiration, as well as learn about what you should consider when designing your logo. 

Why a Real Estate Logo is Important

Every business needs a logo, period. But that’s especially true in a crowded industry like real estate. So why is a real estate logo important?

First, a logo grabs people’s attention. Let’s be honest, our attention span is pretty short, right? That’s where a logo can help you out. Second, in the case of logos, it’s what’s on the outside that counts. A logo is your business’s first impression to customers. It needs to look good and convey the right message to your target audience. 

Third, logos help customers recognize your brand. Hopefully, people will instantly connect your logo with your brand. And my fourth point is that your logo can separate you from the competition. All pretty good reasons to design a strong real estate logo!

What to Consider When Designing a Real Estate Logo

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a real estate logo: 

  1. Appeal to your target audience: Your target audience is the demographic who have a record of seeking out your particular service, in this case that’s real estate. Your target audience is a specific demographic of society, including location. Consider where your real estate business is located (local, national, a global corporation). 
  2. Align your design with your brand mission: Your logo tells a story about your brand, so make sure your design conveys whatever mission drives your business. 
  3. Timeless design: It’s important to pay attention to design trends, but it’s equally important to make a logo that will be relevant for years to come. 
  4. Simplicity: Last but not least, remember to keep your real estate logo simple. If you include too many details, your logo might seem sloppy and unprofessional, which will ultimately turn potential customers away. 

Design Elements of Real Estate Logos

Certain design elements work best for real estate logos, such as icons, shapes, and wordmarks. Scroll down to check out these elements and how popular real estate companies use them in their logo. 

Icon choice

An icon is an instantly recognizable symbol that conveys certain values and ideas. An icon is the main focal point of your logo. Although there are different types of icons, like abstract, geometric, crests and emblems, most real estate companies choose a pictorial icon, which is just an image that illustrates a real object. Let’s see popular icons real estate businesses use in their logo. 

Buildings and houses

Probably the most obvious choice for a real estate company, a building or house icon is a straightforward way to tell your audience what your business does. 

Star One Realty specializes in residential/commercial sales and rentals, which you can gather from the skyrise building symbol in their logo. Dynasty Real Estate employed a similar tactic by sticking with a simple multi-level home design. 

On the other hand, to stand out from the crowd, you can follow Digital Realty’s lead by taking a more abstract/geometric approach to a building icon. 


Another classic go-to icon for real estate companies is a skyline. Just from looking at the logos above, you can tell that these companies cater specifically to urban areas. You might have guessed that City Stop Realty is located in New York City and RBC Holdings is a luxury residential developer in Metro Vancouver. The takeaway is that if your real estate business works in a city, then it’s a good idea to use a skyline icon. 


Tree icons can help convey that a business is environmentally conscious, which is an increasingly important value many customers look for when choosing a real estate company to work with. 

If the core mission of your business includes eco-friendly values, you might want to consider going with a tree icon. Let’s take a look at Two Trees Management Co. LLC: They pledge to “add to the vitality and sustainability of the [urban] neighborhood over time.” Even though they work in New York City, they are dedicated to responsible and sustainable urban development. The tree icon helps underscore that commitment. 

Additionally, a tree icon can express a down-to-earth, approachable vibe to potential customers. It can also allude to a broader set of values that indicate the company cares about their clients and the communities they work in. Victory Property Management, for example, donates to a range of charity organizations. 


If there’s an important story behind your brand, then it’s worthwhile to use that to inspire the icon you choose. For example, Alexandria Real Estate Equities named their company after Alexandria, Egypt, “the scientific capital of the ancient world, renowned for its iconic lighthouse,” which is where the lighthouse stems from. 

For other businesses, their icon is directly related to their slogan. For Lighthouse Residential, their lighthouse icon was inspired by their slogan “let us guide you home.” 

Additionally, if your business specializes in real estate in coastal communities, then a lighthouse icon might be right for you. 


Believe it or not, there’s a psychology behind shapes. Your logo should take advantage of the meaning behind shapes to express the message and values you want to communicate to your audience.


Squares are seen as a sign of reliability, strength, stability, and security (like homes and safes). These are all traits you want in a real estate agency, right? Companies like LeFrak and Equity Residential, for instance, use lines to create a square-shape icon. This expresses creativity and trustworthiness. 

California Realty Group Property Management went for a solid square to frame overlapping pentagons that symbolize houses. This is all just to say that a square shaped logo doesn’t have to be boring, so feel free to put your own spin on it. 


Circle logos are a great choice for real estate agencies because they symbolize stability, collaboration, and a sense of welcoming. Taking inspiration from your business name is a great way to reinforce brand recognition. Scope Realty took their name to create their logo. Not sure if this is a stretch, but The Oppenheim Group took the “open” from their business name and translated that into an open circle icon. 


Abstract shapes don’t fall under any of the so-called normal shapes. Abstract logos fuse normal shapes (squares, circles, curves, diamonds, etc) to create a distinct shape. 

For example, Sentinel and Mont Sky Real Estate fused rectangles to create a totally new shape. Tishman Speyer placed stretched-out, thin lines in a criss-cross to make the letter “S” for Speyer. 

You can have a lot of fun with abstract logos, but before you get carried away, make sure it communicates the message you want to get across to your audience. You don’t want to make an abstract icon that confuses and turns potential clients away. 


Wordmarks are logos that don’t feature images or icons, just the name of a business. Wordmarks are a very popular choice for real estate companies, just think of well-known Remax and Century 21. 

Typography and color choice is key with wordmark logos, so be sure not to overlook either. You’ll notice that each example uses a sans-serif font, giving off a modern and clean feeling. However, don’t feel pressured to use sans-serif just because it’s popular in the industry. Take a look at the different types of font and see which fits your brand best. 

When it comes to color combinations, try using 2 colors to make your logo pop like Remax and BXP’s logo. Or go with one color that’s unusual in the industry, like Century 21’s gold logo. Just keep in mind that if you use fun, bold colors consider using a classic typeface. And vice versa, consider using a bold font if your color choice is subdued.

Special character

To make your wordmark logo stand out, consider adding a special character. It can be something as simple as changing one letter like Welltower elongated the second “L” in their logo. Compass’ logo is another good example of how to use a special character in your wordmark logo. To play on their business name, they added a small line to create a compass out of the letter “O”. 

Over to You

To recap, this post covered why a real estate logo is important, 4 things to keep in mind while you design your logo, and some logos for inspiration. Now you’re all set to create your own real estate logo that’s certain to close any deal!


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