19 Real Estate Logos That Know How to Close

Think about it.

You work in an industry where your customers trust you with the most significant financial decision of their lives.

So, chances are, they’re not going to use the first agency they interact with – or are they?

Your logo has a job to do in order to stand out from the 1,359,208 other agents and realtors in the US today!

Dallas agent Dori Warner describes real estate perfectly: “I am basically a full-time psychologist who shows houses every now and then.” 

Well, your logo is your psychology badge.

Its job is to cut through the noise, grab your potential client by the bootstraps, look them in the eyes, and say… “I understand, I know what you want, and I’ll help you find it.”

Let’s look at 19 real estate logos that know how to close and see if they grab you too.

1. Luxury Portfolio International

Luxury Portfolio International turned away from their old network look and towards that of a global brand.

During this shift, they needed a new look to match their elevated position in the luxury real estate market. Fitting, considering they are now the go-to brand for luxury real estate with over 50,000 global listings. 

Their old logo was elegant, and that’s a good look for a high-end realtor. But Luxury Portfolio International needed something more, so it opted for a timeless sans serif typeface and a monogram that’s usable on all their online marketing platforms. 

Like all timeless and well-balanced logos, the Luxury Portfolio International logo works equally well on their website and in print. Expect to see it for years to come.

2. Smith & Berg Partners

Smith and Berg Partners logo is an excellent example of a location-based logo. But by keeping it simple, they’ve also ensured it’s usable on all their social media platforms in a stacked version.

In contrast, the original design is perfect for their website’s header and physical advertising locations.

3. Hilton & Hyland

Developers Rick Hilton and Jeff Hyland knew how to engage their prestigious local markets’ attention, using all of their experience, born from consistently landing the very best of what the Beverly Hills trophy property market had to offer.

Their logo sets the tone perfectly; it’s a timeless design, elegant, and simplistic.

Their monogram screams luxury properties and their choice of font and colors reminds you of the very best French and Italian fashion house design companies. 

Once again, we see the versatility a well-designed logo can offer, as it works wherever used. 

4. Red Oak Realty

Want to grab your audience’s attention? Then look no further than Red Oak Realty (and their logo). 

Based in the East Bay of Northern California, Red Oak Realty is a dominant force in their marketplace, and their choice of colors and fonts serve to reinforce the point.

It’s a bold and eye-catching logo that current, past, and potential customers won’t forget anytime soon.

5. Engel & Volkers

Using a house as the overarching symbol of your logo has become somewhat frowned upon. Some think it’s too obvious of a way to promote a real estate business and that it’s prone to becoming outdated and an overall lazy approach. 

However, Engel & Volkers chose to ignore the stigma.

The stately brand mark is too vague to work independently, but when combined with the bold sans serif font and the splash of bold red, it grabs the viewer’s attention.

We’re left in no doubt of which market they serve. 

6. Julian Pilarski

Now, a fine example of how to use shape to stand out in your marketplace. 

Julian Pilarski successfully used a modern shape – circles convey a subliminal message of completion and unity – as part of its logo design; a smart choice, wouldn’t you agree?

The choice of font is elegant and straightforward, and the monogram stands tall even when used independently.

It’s a forward-thinking design, and we love it.

7. Aaron Kirman Partners

Here’s a logo that perfectly fits the person it’s representing and the service they’re providing.

LA real estate superstar Aaron Kirman and his team regularly rank in the top 15 of the country’s best agents. His choice of logo is timeless, creative, simplistic, elegant, engaging, and memorable.

It, too, wouldn’t look out of place adorning any of the finest fashion shop fronts. 

What more is there left to say about it? 

8. The Corcoran Group

Manhattan-based Corcoran Group is renowned for its elegance and prestige. Founded by real estate royalty Barbara Corcoran in the 1980s, their logo is a beautiful example of using simplicity and color to convey the intended message. 

The fonts complement one another perfectly, and the sizing serves to reemphasize this. And, of course, the text-only logo is timeless. 

But don’t think that the designers took the afternoon off by keeping this logo simple. Logos that achieve this level of perfection take a lot of work and experience to execute.  

9. Gregg Lynn

Want to know how to incorporate your initials in a monogram? Look no further than the Gregg Lynn logo.

This logo has an art deco feel to it which immediately conjures images of luxury properties and great design. 

The font is elegant and straightforward, and the tilting of the monogram reflects that of a precious jewel.

Of course, the design lends itself to multiple uses due to its versatility. It works equally as well stacked or in a rectangular form on their website.

10. Saunders

If you’re selling in the Hamptons, then your logo has to be at least a little bit special. 

First, you have to grab your target audience’s attention, then convey the message that your agency is on their level, and, finally, gain their confidence by telling them you’re locally based and know the best-kept secrets of the area.

Step forward, Saunders realty.

They’ve done precisely that with their understated but confident logo design choice.

Using a simple, thin, sans serif font – which always works perfectly for high-end design –, a relaxing shade of blue representing the ocean side lifestyle, and an elegant brown that says, we know who we are, and we don’t need to shout about it, Saunders knows how to show up.

11. Century 21

Founded in 1971, Century 21 updated its logo in 2018, taking them into the 21st century!

With a global audience and 127,000 sales professionals in 80 countries, they didn’t need to work too hard to grab their clientele’s attention. And that’s proven in their choice of logo design. 

With a range of properties varying from $90,000 first-time buyer homes to high-end multi-million-dollar mansions on their books, they chose a simple capitalized font with a relatively neutral background coloring.

At first glance, we might think it’s a little vague, but that’s intentional as it serves to represent the variety of needs they cater to.

12. Partners Trust

Ah, you can’t beat a well-thought-out design that gets you thinking. 

Partners Trust opted to use a slash within their logo to represent a pitched roof, while it also serves to join both words together in a way that conveys a feeling of connection and security.

Add the elegant serif font, and you have the perfect blend (and perhaps even the perfect logo)!

13. Sacha Radford Properties

Now we’re going in the entirely opposite direction, one that’s different from the usual real estate logos, matching the variety of property types on the market.

Sacha Radford took a bold step when choosing to add a complicated brand icon to their logo design. However, it complements the Sans Serif font they’ve used and certainly stands out.

While it might not be to everyone’s taste, it does tick many of the boxes of excellent logo design.

14. Cain Group

The Cain Group logo is simple in design but complicated in execution. 

Several design tricks are going on here. Firstly, it’s simplistic, however, it conveys numerous messages!

The choice of font and white space is incredibly modern. The A with its unfinished cross line is a logo in itself while mimicking a high-pitched roof of an elegant property.

The logo is also reversible, so it works equally well as black on white as it does white on black.

Take note, all you budding logo designers, the Cain Group logo is a lesson in design.

15. Keller Williams Global Property Specialists

Variety is the spice of life! And KWGPS gets that message across in their logo – which is an excellent message to convey when you’re selling a variety of property types. 

Let’s see how they’ve done it.

As the logo says, they’re a global property specialist. They’ve changed font-weight in the lettering to reinforce this, separating the acronyms – KW from GPS – and ensuring both are read independently.

It’s a subtle design technique, but it proves to be a well-thought-out design that always wins.

16. Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate

And now for something completely different.

We’re left in no doubt of the quality and service this brand strives for. And there’s a good reason for that.

Luxury real estate is a trade association and not a brokerage, and every luxury agency in the market is a member of it.

They’ve stamped their authority by using a grand image of a lion with a sweeping mane, forming an elegant door knocker underneath (just in case you didn’t get the message at first sight).

You can’t help but envision stately mansions, beautiful lawns, large swimming pools, and helicopter landing pads when looking at this logo.

17. Tim Perry Real Estate

Tim Perry left no design trick unused.

A double circle conveys reliability and trust, a pitched roof joining the initials telling you they’re a real estate company, and simple font for the wordmark, making it easily readable.

There’s not a lot else to say about this logo because it speaks for itself.

18. Alexander Team

Now a lesson on using your initials to create a powerful visual effect that works on several levels. 

The Alexander Team chose a single color logo to amplify the white space and font thickness variation, creating a feeling of elegance and class.

The A over the T provides an elevated effect, representing the standard of their properties and service.

19. Two Trees Management Company

The Two Trees logo is a throwback to designs of days past, but with a modern feeling to it.

Two Trees management company are based in New York City, so their logo choice might seem contradictory at first. However, the intention is to provide a feeling of stressless country living while in NYC.

It sure stands out from the usual city-style real estate logotypes, don’t you agree?

Over to You

As the late great Will Rogers once said: “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” 

This should apply to your logo design as well!  Create your real estate logo now, and wait for the business to come knocking on your door.