15 Canadian Logos That Will Make You Say "Eh!"

 Moose! Mounties! Beavers! Ice hockey! Loonies and toonies!

(Sorry, we just had to get it out of our system.)

If you want to build a brand that targets Canadians, then you’re in for a treat. Canadians are proud of their culture and heritage, and it shows in their logo designs. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 15 most eye-catching Canadian logos out there for you to get inspiration!

Below, we’ll break down what makes each logo appealing, so you can pick up some cool tips and tricks for your own logo design.

Let’s dive right in!

15 Best Canadian Logos

1. Roots

Roots is a famous outdoor lifestyle brand that inspires people to be more adventurous. Their logo combines 4 elements seamlessly into a simple, yet effective design.

The beaver icon, combined with the leafy branches, lets their audience know that this brand focuses on the outdoors. This is reinforced by the dark green color and brand name which uses a simple-yet-elegant serif font. And, did you notice their clever use of negative space? It gives the logo a 3D effect.

2. Air Canada

The Air Canada logo has been through several iterations since it was first designed in 1937. The most drastic changes since then have been:

– Simplifying of the maple leaf icon

– Changing the font style to a modern sans-serif font, similar to Google and Facebook

– Switching the wordmark from red to black, creating a more professional tone

Overall, the new logo is much trendier and more modern-looking.

3. Crown Royal

One of Canada’s most popular top-shelf whiskey brands, Crown Royal’s logo perfectly expresses their high-class products. Everything about their logo screams royalty, from the crown resting on a purple and gold-trimmed pillow to the elegant script typography. By using images reminiscent of Kings and Queens, you too can elevate your brand’s perception to that of royalty and high-class.

4. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is an enormous part of everyday Canadian life. They’re the Canadian version of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts rolled into one, and they can be found on nearly every street corner. The current Tim Hortons logo is based on the owner’s signature; what a cool way to create your own unique font!

5. Big Viking Games

Canada is home to many famous game development companies, including Big Viking Games, which is a popular mobile game developer. In the mobile app world, you don’t have much time or space to brand yourself.

So, it’s essential that your logo stands out and represents your company. Big Viking Games went with a literal representation of their name with a big, scary-looking Viking. 

If you’re short on time and space, consider using a similar tactic.

6. Swift Current Broncos

Logo icons can have tons of personality. Just look at the Swift Current Broncos horse icon. It looks lean and mean, helping to give this hockey team a fierce reputation. A perfect example showing that not all animals are cute!

7. Canadian National Railways

Looking at the Canadian National Railways logo, you’d think it was designed recently. But this lettermark was created in the ’60s! It just goes to show that simple designs can stand the test of time and keep your logo looking modern.

8. CFL (Canadian Football League)

Similar to American Football, but with 12 players instead of 11 and 3 downs instead of 4, the Canadian Football League is—surprise!—Canada’s professional football league.

The CFL needed to attract more fans, and their goal was to try to target the next generation of young Canadian fans. So, they gave their logo a massive overhaul using popular design styles such as minimalism, a simple icon, and clean font, hoping it would appeal to more youthful audiences. 

9. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)

The RBC is Canada’s largest and most popular bank. The current logo has been around since 2001, and it’s one of the country’s most recognized symbols.

The new icon is much cleaner than previous designs and enables the bank to use its logo easily across all online and printed mediums. The blue, white, and yellow color scheme allows each element to be easily recognized at a distance, and on smaller screens.

10. Startup Canada

Startup Canada helps empower entrepreneurs, and they’ve been pushing to turn Canada into the next Silicon Valley since 2012. Their bright red logo is perfect for printing on t-shirts and across social media posts, and the color invokes a sense of passion and excitement. The font style is clean and modern, putting the focus on the words START and UP.

11. National Film Board of Canada

Canada has a thriving performing arts and culture industry, and the National Film Board of Canada’s logo is one most Canadians and movie buffs are familiar with.

Their icon is a little green man holding his hands above his head to create an eye. Overall, it’s a unique and memorable logo, catching the very essence of filmmaking. 

12. Harvey's

Famous for its flame-grilled burgers, Harvey’s is a popular Canadian fast-food chain with an iconic logo. The brand name sandwiched between a hamburger bun is an effective way to let audiences know what the brand does and is famous for. It also allows them to save space by not needing to use the word ‘hamburger’ in their icon.

If you need to save some space, can you do the same with your logo?

13. Calgary Flames

Want to see a logo with a fiery spirit? Look no further than Calgary Flames. Similar to Harvey’s, they’ve taken their brand name and turned it into a great-looking monogram. As a sports team, this lets them use their logo effortlessly as a branding tool to print on sports equipment, both large and small, as well as on digital formats.

14. Canadian Curling Association

The Canadian Curling Association logo is half a maple leaf (shout-out to their mother country) with a curler inside created with just a few lines. It fills an ordinary maple leaf icon with action and powerful branding. The top part of the maple leaf even looks like a crown.

It’s a clear warning to competitors that Canadians are the crowned curling champions of the world (possibly—we know little about curling.)

15. FreshBooks

FreshBooks provides invoices and accounting software for small businesses. This may not be the most exciting brand explanation ever, but FreshBooks help bring their brand to life with a bright and bold watermark, and colorful leaf. They are signifying that with FreshBooks, your company can grow!


Over to You

If you’re creating a brand that targets Canadians, you don’t need to hit them over the head with it. Create a logo that uses sharp and intelligent visuals to show your audience who you are and what your brand does.

So, think about what kind of message you want to communicate, and the audience you want to target, in order to nail your own Canadian logo.