20 Spooky Free Fonts To Win Big at Halloween Marketing

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August 4, 2016
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November 15, 2016

20 Spooky Free Fonts To Win Big at Halloween Marketing

Halloween is a great marketing holiday because it gives you the ultimate flexibility in portraying your brand. Want to be cute? Scary? Just a little bit different? Halloween doesn’t have many unalterable components, and your biggest limit is how creative you want to be. Seasonal marketing is overall beneficial for any small business.

It freshens your offering, bring personality and uniqueness to your efforts, and allows you to capitalize on popular trends. Overhauling your designs and offerings keeps your business from going stale and encourages others to continue interacting with you throughout the year!

There are more complex ways to market for Halloween, but simply taking some time to play with small details can make a huge difference.

Running holiday promotions in tandem with seasonal marketing keeps everything fresh and fun, and makes this exciting for you, as a business owner, as well!

While we have previously released a list of free fonts to be used for your autumn marketing campaigns, Halloween fonts are a little different. So create a flyer, make a new social post, or send out your email marketing with these very Halloween inspired fonts.

Font Example - A Charming Font
Font Example: A Lolita Scorned
Font Examples: Tango Macabre, Bones, and Skullphabet
Font Example: Black Dahlia
Font Example - October Crow
Font Examples: Friday 13th, Halloween Spider, Wild Wood
Font Example: Calavera
Font Examples: Mister Monster, Parseltongue, Groovy Ghosties
Font Example: Casper
Font Example: Jack Lantern

You likely have some tried and true methods for engaging with your audience: social media, email lists, or hosting events, to name a few. Keeping your customer base engaged is one of the best ways to ensure repeat customers that will keep coming back to your business time and time again.

Marketing opportunities that take advantage of the passing of time and the regular celebrations that come along with this are essential. Seasonal marketing campaigns, and especially holiday marketing, is one tool in your engagement arsenal. With so many influential businesses, stand out by taking that extra step!