Spring Has Sprung – 25 Free Spring Fonts!

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February 7, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Spring Has Sprung – 25 Free Spring Fonts!

Fonts can be one of the most instrumental parts of your brand. The fonts you choose for your logo and website tell a story about your brand, as do the ones you pick for your marketing materials.

Pairing fonts should be done with intention, so that each font complements the other. That said, when you’re creating social posts or other marketing collateral, you have a little bit more freedom with your font choices.

Now, consider the importance of seasonal marketing: The concept of businesses offering different products and services based upon the season.

Picture any business that you encounter during the course of a year. How do they prepare for New Year’s vs. Valentine’s Day vs. Independence Day? In many instances, a business will switch up their logo design and overall brand image – so why not play with fonts as well?

Fun With Free Spring Fonts

Check out these 25 great fonts that just scream “SPRING”! After a long winter, your designs are all but begging for a warm upgrade, and these fonts will definitely get you in the seasonal spirit. 

25 Free Spring Fonts - 1

Skinny Jeans

25 Free Spring Fonts - 2


KG Bless Your Heart

La Petitenget

25 Free Spring Fonts - 3

Porter Sans

25 Free Spring Fonts - 4

Parisian ICG 


Bright and Beautiful 

25 Free Spring Fonts - 5

KG Strawberry Limeade 

25 Free Logo Fonts - 6


Little Days

Market Deco 

25 Free Spring Fonts - 7

Huruf Miranti

25 Free Spring Fonts - 8

Grand Hotel

Home Sweet Home 

CK Cursive 

25 Free Spring Fonts - 9


25 Free Spring Fonts - 10



The Woodlands

25 Free Spring Fonts - 11


25 Free Spring Fonts - 12

Spring Time

Janda Happy Day


25 Free Spring Fonts - 13Lilly Mae


Got a thirst for free fonts and are looking for some more? We have you covered! Check out these free winter fonts, holiday fonts, autumn fonts, and Valentine’s Day fonts to keep you updated on some great free fonts that you can use!