33 Animal Logos to Help You Brand in the Wild

As a society, we love animals. We love to have them as pets, we adore making them into memes, and we can’t get enough of tv shows and movies that feature them talking!

That’s because many of us feel a deep connection with animals, sometimes more than we do with other people.

And in the world of branding, animals play an equally essential role. 

Plenty of brands already use animal logos, because animal imagery can cement their values and characteristics in their audience’s eyes. That’s why you’ll see animal logos used by companies like Evernote, Twitter, Puma, Jaguar, etc.

These companies didn’t choose their animals by picking them out of a hat. A lot of thought and research went into selecting an animal that perfectly aligns with their brand message.

So, take a moment to sink your teeth into this post (see what I did there?) and look at how animal logos are used in the wild and what makes them so effective.

Choosing An Animal Logo

Before you create your own logo, remember that each animal communicates unique traits and distinctive features that will represent your brand.

Animals and symbolism go hand in hand (or paw in paw).
How many times have you heard these sayings?

– Sly like a fox

– An elephant never forgets

– Fast as a cheetah

– Loyal as a dog

– Quick as a cat

– Strong as an ox

I could go on all day. 

For decades, we’ve attributed emotional characteristics to individual animals. It’s become second nature. So, when using an animal logo, it’s essential to decide which traits you want your logo to portray, and only then to choose an animal that expresses those traits.

Note that some animals might also be associated with negative traits. For example, naming your delivery company “Snail Direct” won’t let your customers know that you’re dedicated to speed. So, make sure to choose an appropriate animal that best represents the characteristics and traits you want to convey.

Types of Animal Logos

Instead of listing every animal under the sun and talking about their individual traits, let’s look at some distinct types of animal logos to help narrow the search: 

1. Abstract Animal Logos

When you combine an animal with abstract logo design, you’re able to create a unique logo with a customized message.

For one thing, abstract logos are intriguing, as we aren’t used to seeing them in everyday life. And, they’re open to interpretation, which means they can convey multiple meanings in the same design.

Firefox uses a geometric fox with a swooshing flame tail wrapped around the world. Why is this design so striking?

Aside from the eye-grabbing, contrasting colors, this abstract logo has a resonant message: High-speed internet to users worldwide.

It’s a striking logo that is noticeable, easy to recognize, and memorable. If Mozilla (the company behind the Firefox web browser) had chosen to use a real-life image of a fox, it would be much harder to incorporate the added “fire” element to the logo message, signifying speed and energy.

2. Earthly Animal Logos (for environmental brands)

Environmental brands can easily show their commitment to the earth and mother nature with an animal logo. By using an animal, you’re signaling to your audience that you’re aware of the impact our treatment of the earth can have on animals—and that you’re committed to best practices to reduce the impact of global warming, poaching, logging, etc.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is one of the most well-known organizations that challenges threats to nature, and they do their best to help ensure that people recognize the problems facing our planet, especially as they’re becoming increasingly pressing and complex.

To make their point, WWF uses a giant panda in their logo, as it represents all the endangered species under threat of extinction.

Using an animal logo, you can directly communicate your environmental message, whether you’re an animal protection agency, promoting sustainable farming, or educating people about how to reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Animal Logos for Kids

Creating a logo for kids can be quite challenging. You need a design that young people will not only recognize, but will also associate with something fun and (hopefully) remember it later. This is where animal logos can really give you a helping hand.

From a young age, kids understand what animals are and love to play with them. How many kids can’t go to sleep without their teddy bear? Or need their kitten toy before getting in the car? And, just think how many popular kids’ shows feature animals, like Winnie the Pooh or Paw Patrol.

So, if you need to design a logo for kids, consider using cute and fun animals like kittens and puppies, or putting a fun twist on a dangerous animal to make it more friendly and approachable, like Crocs did.

4. Luxury Animal Logos

How do you let your audience know that your brand is a cut above the rest?
That your products or service are fit for VIPs?

Luxury brands have used animal logos for the longest time to promote
their extravagant and elegant values.

When you think of royalty and elegance in the animal kingdom, you’d be right to picture a graceful swan—so it’s no wonder the Austrian crystal maker Swarovski uses one in their logo.

The car manufacturer Jaguar is another example of how a brand can use the characteristics and qualities of an animal to showcase its brand values. The leaping feline in Jaguar’s logo showcases the beauty, swiftness, and power of their cars.

Famous Animal Logos

We could go on and on about why animal logos can make a strong impact on your potential customers, but why don’t you see for yourself? From Dove to Lacoste and Penguin Books, here are a bunch of famous brands that have used animal symbolism to get their message across and attract audiences that only get bigger over time:

Over to You

Using animals in your logo design can be a very effective method of highlighting your brand’s core values and traits, without telling a long story about who you are and where you came from. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different animals in your logo, to find the one that best suits your brand and paints you in a positive light for your audience! You can use our logo creator tool to start designing an animal logo today, 


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