16 Best Construction Logos and Tips to Design Your Own

When it’s time to hammer out a new construction logo for your company, you’ll want to nail it the first time.

A great logo is the foundation of your business. It lets your audience know that you’re serious, respectable, and worth talking to about their project. Chances are, you’re not the only construction business in town, so your logo needs to communicate that your company is rock-solid and the right one for them.

Don’t worry; we’ll help you each step of the way.

First, we’ll walk through what makes a good construction logo, and then look at real-life examples of successful logos in the industry.

What Makes a Good Construction Logo?

Construction is big business. From building a new project from scratch to renovating a small room, it involves lots of money, planning, time, and effort.

Once you create a construction company, your clients need to trust you, wholeheartedly. A mistimed delivery can cause huge setbacks. A single failure can mean devastation. And your building site must be held to the highest standards of safety.

So, what makes a good construction logo? A logo that inspires trust, dependability, and projects your ability to get things done while resonating with your target audience.

Whether you’re creating garden sheds for retired homeowners or building hospitals for state governments, your logo needs to be aimed at your target market and communicate the right message.

16 Best Construction Logos

Let’s look at the blueprints for some of the best construction logos companies are using right now.

1. Wates Group

The Wates Group logo has a simple serif font that conveys professionalism and trust. Turquoise is a warm, sophisticated color that projects wisdom and energy.

It’s a great choice, as turquoise isn’t a common color and helps the logo stand out from competitors. The abstract icon is fluid and represents movement and flexibility. 

2. Midas Group

In Greek Mythology, King Midas turned everything he touched into gold. The Midas Group incorporate that into their logo with three golden lines representing buildings. Their streamlined font highlights their professionalism and modern construction approach. 

3. Balfour Beatty

With a dark blue color palette and strong, bold font style that’s easy to read, the Balfour Beatty logo wastes no time putting across their most important traits. They’re a corporate, trusted company with many successes under their belt.

4. Roadbridge Limited

The Roadbridge Limited icon does an excellent job of creating a visual image for their company. The two pieces are a perfect fit and represent their ability to build roads and bridges.

They use a modern sans-serif font, which is easy to read and use both light and dark colors to create an eye-catching contrast. 

5. Kier Group

Kier Group’s icon is bold and eye-catching with its intense red, white, turquoise and black color palette. Normally we would be against using 4 colors in a logo, but here, the white is used as an accent and it works!

The icon looks stable, including stairs leading up to success, with a triangle representing a house’s roof. The serif font is both elegant and professional. 

6. McDermott

The outline below the brand name represents their ability to finish a project from start to finish. It also helps to draw attention to the wordmark and put it in focus.

The sans-serif font is modern and clean, and the blue and green contrast is really striking—bringing the logo to life.

7. PCL

The oval PCL logo uses smart design and color techniques to stand out, and is designed to be visible no matter where it’s used.

The green and yellow color palette contrast nicely together, and the yellow outline reinforces traits like security, continuity, and safety. 

8. Skansa

Swedish construction company Skanska is one of the world’s largest, and its simple wordmark conveys sophistication and modern thinking.

They’re well-known for their striking Skanska blue, which is used to show reliability, authority and trustworthiness. With such strong brand recognition, they have no problem relying on a simple design to send their message.  

9. Tutor Perini

Land Rover vehicles are famous for their ability to tackle tarmac and heading off-road into the forest, jungle, and desert.

By using green in their logo, Jaguar Land Rover makes it obvious that their cars are meant to be taken into the wild.

10. Whiting-Turner

Orange is an excellent choice for a construction logo, as it solidifies the company’s dedication to safety. It’s also an eye-catching color and allows the white, blocky font to be seen from a distance.

Thanks to the orange background, this logo can be used in any kind of environment, no matter how light or dark it is. 

11. Perfection Construction Inc.

Now this is definitely a unique construction logo! As the company is based in Edmonton, the mountain icon represents their ability to overcome challenges and bring your dream to life.

The sans-serif font is modern and easy to read, and the two-tone color scheme contrasts pleasantly together. Plus, matching the mountain color with the second line of text creates attractive symmetry. 

12. Kiewit

By now, you’ve probably noticed that yellow is a popular choice for construction company logos. Here, it emphasizes protection and mimics the color of safety helmets.

As Kiewit focuses on industrial construction, mining, oil, and other critical infrastructure, it needs an equally sturdy logo—which the big, bold, black font indicates. And, the company badge in the logo is a clear sign that it can trace its roots back and is well-established.

13. Turner Construction Company

With clean lines and comfortable curves, the Turner wordmark logo looks very professional and modern.

The dark blue color helps the logo stand out on light backgrounds and can be inverted when used on a dark background. It’s an easy logo to use both digitally, on websites, and in print, on hardhats and vehicles.

14. Layton Construction Company

Unlike the other logos so far, Layton Construction Company has both an icon and tagline. Taglines are great to reinforce your core principles, such as Layton’s “Constructing with Integrity.”

15. Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar Inc. has one of the most recognized brand logos in the construction industry; the yellow triangle interacting with the font has become famous.

Shortening their logo to just CAT makes it easier to use in different contexts. It’s a strong logo filled with confidence and high energy.

16. Borras Construction Ltd

Using straight lines, Borras Construction LTD shows they know something about strength. The lines look as if they’re holding up the logo, and the B poking out of the top is an eye-pleasing detail.

While the grey and dark blue don’t contrast well, that’s the point here. The central part of the brand name sticks out, while the rest fades into the background. 

Tip to Design Your Own Construction Logo

Now that you’ve seen some of the best logos in the industry, here are the 5 essential factors to think about when designing a construction logo: 

But before putting pen to paper and whipping up your first logo, take a step back and think about who your target audience is. For example:

First thing’s first; always write down who your target audience is, and ensure that your logo is attractive to them. Now, let’s get to each design element: 


Your clients are putting a lot of trust in you. There are critical timeframes, budgets, safety standards, and quality of work expectations you need to meet or even exceed.

Each color not only represents a different mood or emotion, but it can also evoke that feeling in your audience. For example, black is a professional color. When used in a logo, it also helps brand your company as an acknowledged one. Blue is often used to represent intelligence and trustworthiness. If you want to portray health and well-being, use green.

You can also combine colors. Blue and black together in a logo represents a professional brand you can trust.


Your chosen font says a lot about your brand and can alter how your audience views your company. Many construction companies use bold, block-like fonts that mimic their trade. But depending on your target audience, cursive fonts might be more attractive.

Remember to use a font that’s easy to read across different marketing formats, such as plastered across buildings or small smartphone screens.


Icons can help you stand out—especially when many construction companies use similar colors and fonts. A well-chosen icon can quickly inform your audience what your company offers and show-off your key characteristics.


In the examples above, you’ve seen how using shapes influences your logo. A simple line can draw attention to your brand name. Squares are a popular choice with construction companies, as they represent a strong foundation or a building which can’t be toppled. 


The final thing to remember is to plan the layout of your logo. Placing your design elements too close together can make it feel crowded and ugly. Your logo’s layout is also essential when you need to scale it up or down for business cards, print out on safety helmets, or place it on giant billboards.

Over to You

Construction companies need to appear safe and dependable, with a history of successful projects. Looking at the above examples, you can see plenty of logos that get the job done—some using strong blocky letters and clean lines to make their mark, while others relying on abstract icons.

Now, you have a robust blueprint for creating your own successful construction logo! If you’re ready to start designing, why not check out our logo generator? You can create dozens of unique logos in less than 5 minutes.