Branding To Save The World

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May 22, 2018
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Branding To Save The World

Imagine joining a tour in which you have an opportunity to place collars on wildlife that will soon be relocated for breeding purposes to avoid extinction.

The next day you could be speaking with vets and professionals who spend all day and night surrounded by wildlife in efforts to curb the poaching epidemic. You could then be lucky enough to attend a rhino procedure which involves horn regrowth after a poaching incident. 

Sounds like a dream or something only seen on National Geographic, right? 

Nyumbani Safari pic 3

Meet Mike Calder and his “behind the scenes” touring company, Nyumbani Safari and Tours in Africa. Mike is a qualified chef with over 20 years of experience and has always been interested in wildlife and photography. 

“When the opportunity came about to take his life in another direction, he jumped out of that professional frying pan in search of his dreams and a better quality of life.”

After spending a few years in South Africa training, he became a qualified Nature Guide but had some trouble with obtaining a work visa (he is originally from the UK), so he “took that leap of faith and founded his own company.” He was able to achieve the complex and legal requirements for operating a company and he is now able to provide travel to any destination globally.

Nyumbani Safari and Tours is based on a few guiding principles, including: “showing people flora and fauna of the destination in a natural environment. Providing the information or details about the species in an easy to understand format. Concentrating on the topics of poaching, human/wildlife conflict, green tourism and community support.”

Nyumbani Safari pic 2

During these expeditions, participants can chat with those working in the front line against poaching and maintaining the health of the national populations of animals.

Feedback for his programs is extremely positive due to the immersive nature of the experience, and in some cases, he even provides the opportunity to touch these “magnificent animals.”

“Ethics is very paramount here as well. It’s not a group of people paying for the opportunity to put a radio tracking collar on a lion or elephant, but an opportunity to shadow the life of vets and functional staff behind the scenes.”

Mike is most passionate about creating an immersive experience for clients which includes both seeing the animals and also, conversing with knowledgeable professionals.

He is a trained bird guide for southern Africa, so he can tailor birding safaris to world protected RAMSAR sites in Namibia to “see those flamboyant flamingos!” Anyone and everyone involved with his company has a genuine passion for the long term survival of African animals.

Mike also believes that “clients get a better feeling of satisfaction knowing that their money is actually being directed into the areas of interest. The funds that can be created help to keep the veterinary teams equipped for their work, provide essential equipment to anti-poaching units, etc.”

Nyumbani Safari pic 1

With all of Mike’s amazing expeditions and adventures, he has compiled some incredible images. He utilizes the watermarking tool within his Tailor Brands Premium Plan and easily overlays his brand’s logo on his photographs.

“The watermark tool has definitely been positive for our social media presence. The ease of use to get a watermark onto an image and post to Instagram is so much quicker than the method used prior to Tailor Brands.”

Mike can conclude that “this has allowed us to maintain a stable Instagram following.”

“The addition of using the Tailor Brands created logo gives our Instagram images a professional signature.”

Within the last month, he has entered some of his jaw-dropping pictures into competitions run by GuruShots. During three of these competitions, his business has placed within the top 100 rank!

Mike’s honest passion and drive has transformed his dream into a reality. He continues to conduct his business with guidance from his strong values and principles.

Mike emphasizes that, “we believe in truth and the development of brand trust. But above all, we stress the delivery of experiences that inform, inspire and entertain our customers so that they go back home with a greater understanding and appreciation of our natural world.”

Check out his amazing images here: