Color Trends in Design for 2018

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October 1, 2017
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Colors in Design for 2018

One of the most important concepts designers must learn is adaptability. Despite what most people think, the styles, designs, imagery, and colors that work now won’t always work later. People’s tastes are constantly evolving, and brands should take this into account to stay relevant and reach the right audience.

One of the easiest things to stay on top of, though, is colors. While some brands have determined the color palettes, they like and stick to them religiously, this is more a function of being well-established than stubborn.

McDonald’s doesn’t need to change its golden arches, but a new company looking to establish the right brand image and logo design may hurt its chances of success by sticking to colors that no one likes. Here are some of the biggest trends in color for the upcoming year:

“A Brand has a distinctive palette

that properly expresses it’s message

in a clear visual language. ”

Technology is Shaping the Colors We See

Many of the color palettes released by some of the largest influencers are being heavily drawn from technology. In 2018, many taste-makers are pointing to bold colors with bright tones. Pantone’s “TECH-nique” palette features bright turquoise to blend with pinks and purples. Sherwin Williams’ “Connectivity” palette features sharp contrasts and mixes pastels with bright yellows.

2018 Looks to be “Cool”

According to the Color Marketing Group, 2018 will see a major return to cooler colors based around light purples and deep greens. According to CMG’s president: “It’s a definite shift toward the cooler side, with the 2018+ forecast shifting to the neutral story, from the warmer tans of 2017+ to the cooler taupes for 2018+”.

Some Colors Around the World are Brighter

CMG’s forecast changes for Latin America and Europe, where the group is looking at brighter reds and greens alongside a return to the retro tones of the 60s and 70s. CMG took its inspiration from the secrets of rainforests as well as the bright colors of Latin America’s tradition.

Build Your Palette With Good Variety

Knowing the colors that are going to be in style next year is only one part of the equation. Your brand isn’t just a single color, but rather a distinctive palette that properly expresses your brand’s message in a clear visual language. Discover the right one for you with some of these sample palettes

The important thing is to be creative! Find the colors that work for your company to create a unique and powerful color palette that expresses your brand’s values and message. 

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