Tailor Hacks: Tweak Your Logo to Your Liking

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May 2, 2017
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Tailor Hacks: Tweak Your Logo to Your Liking

The first hat I ever wore (I’m going to call this one a baseball cap because it’s something you can wear every day, comes in a ton of different designs, and everyone has one) was working directly with customers in a support role. While I’m not doing Customer Support any longer, I still pop on regularly to see what’s happening.

From 2015 until now, I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of requests, made edits to hundreds of logos, and have learned some handy tips and tricks that you can use to make your logo juuuuuuuuust right.

The thing to know about Tailor (and that’s what makes it one of the coolest logo tools out there) is that our design team spent lots of time analyzing the best designs for logos around, the ones that remain timeless and classy and have used these as inspiration for what we do.

Combine this with our engineered algorithm that analyzes your business and personal design preferences, we develop designs that work for you. But when you’re looking for something a little different, you can manipulate our system to get something a little more of your choosing.

Using Tricks & Hacks To Create Your Perfect Logo

Below, I discuss some of the most common workarounds that we’re asked for and how we use the existing Tailor Brands system to create those workarounds. Specifically, these are tricks you can use without the help of our customer support team (but I still recommend reaching out there if you need something you don’t see here, we can’t do everything but we can definitely perform some magic).

Are you looking to:

  1. Add another word to your business name?
  2. Add a second font to your design?
  3. Change the initials that appear on your logo?
  4. Add a tagline to your design?
  5. Make one letter bolder than the others?
  6. Change the capitalization on your logo design?
  7. Get a too long business name on your design?

See what you can do below!

I Need to Add Another Word to My Business Name

Right now, once you’ve entered your business name, there’s no way to add another word to your design. There is, however, a workaround if you haven’t used your tagline feature yet. In the editor, click Tweaks. Once here, use the “Tagline Text” section at the top of the page and save your new tagline.

Now, you’ll be able to go to Fonts in the editor to choose a font to match and increase the size of the text back in Tweaks. In Color, you can match the colors to one another. This also works if you want to play with different fonts in your logo design.

Tailor Hacks 1I Want to Add Another Font to My Design – I’d Like to Mix It Up!

This is another place where using the tagline feature comes in handy! We have some logos that combine fonts, but not all of them do. If you’re looking to mix together two separate fonts, consider using your tagline to make this happen. Either follow the above steps to add your additional word or from the beginning, place your second word in the tagline section.

Now, when you have the chance to choose your font, pick something different in the Fonts editor! Back to Tweaks to change the size and Color to change the colors and there you go!

Tailor Hacks 2I’d Like to Add Another Initial, or Even Change the Initials That Came Up

You know what you’d like to represent your small business a lot better than we do, and maybe we just didn’t get it right this time. If you love your logo design but don’t love the initials that come up, we’ve got a workaround for you.

Once you’re in the editor and you’ve played around with fonts, colors, and styles, enter Tweaks. Under Edit Initials, you’ll see a box for Custom. Choose this! There are ways to enter initials to see results. Using L and M to stand for “Lindsey Marketing”, you can enter initials as [LM], [L, M] or various combinations to get what you’re looking for.

Tailor Hacks 3I Forgot to Add a Tagline to My Design – Help!

Adding a tagline is easy! In the editor, design your perfect logo and when you’re finished, choose Tweaks. At the top, you’ll see Tagline Text and this is where you’ll type in your new, desired tagline. Choose your font, play with the colors, all in the editor, and your design is perfectly yours.

Tailor Hacks 4How Can I Make One Letter Bold?

One of the design decisions that we made at Tailor was keeping fonts consistent for designs, which is why you’ll notice that fonts are the same sizes and weights across designs. If you’re looking for a name-based structure but want your main letter to be bold, try using an initial-based design, but leaving your first initial off. For example, instead of “Lindsey Marketing”, I’m going to type in “Indsey Marketing”.

Now, I get a logo that doesn’t really look like my business at all but using the initial trick noted above, this can be manipulated to show exactly what I want it to. 

Tailor Hacks 5I Need to Change the Capitalization On My Logo Designs

We compile some of the coolest fonts from all, which means that some of them support different things, so sometimes, your capitalization might shift. Don’t get discouraged from this! Especially if you want capitalization that is a little unorthodox. Be sure to type your design the way you want it in the beginning.

I typed “Lindsey Marketing” as “LindseYMarketinG” for this and got a design with only the first letter capitalized. Not quite what I was looking for, but this can be fixed if you go to Tweaks, click Manual Case On. Now you see what this does by ensuring that the way you typed it in is how it shows up on your logo.

Tailor Hacks 6My Business Name Is a Little Too Long – Let’s Get It All On There

For aesthetic purposes, we limit the number of characters your business name can use. This doesn’t mean that longer business names can’t use Tailor! Your tagline plays an important role here too. You have two options to make it work. Let’s say my business name is “The Lindsey Michelle Marketing Group”. Bummer, this falls outside our allotted character count.

While emailing support can help override this, there are two ways to ensure that your business name is represented. First, split your business name between the business name line and the tagline.

The second option is to use initials to represent the words in your business name. For this logo, I added a brief tagline with a shorter version of my business name. Both of these could work to represent my fictional marketing company without skimping on the design.

Tailor Hacks 7

For other requests, we might be able to help! There are some limited changes that we may be able to make from the backend of our system that you can’t see from the editor. Seriously, just reach out!

We want you to get the logo you’d like, and if we’re able to support what you’re asking for, then we’re over the moon to do it for you. Simply send over an email to [email protected] with the email addressed used to open your account, a screenshot (or very detailed description) of the design you’d like edited, and what you’d like changed.

You might find your perfect logo version in your Saved Brands shortly afterwards.