Best Places to Find Free Fonts

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The deadline is looming, the wallet is shrinking, and the only thing you need to finish your project is one (or two, or three) perfect font(s) to complement your design.

And, free fonts notwithstanding, you’re also looking for the one that conveys your message and plays well with others.

Too much to ask?

This may have once been a lofty goal, but no more! There are loads of places around the web just itching to get you the font you’re looking for – at no cost to you whatsoever.

We also get the fact that you may not have a thousand free hours to research these sites – so we’ve compiled a list for you!

Here are some of our favorite places to find free fonts in the upcoming year.


This site comes with a bunch of super cool fonts, many which are free for commercial use. What’s great about Dafont is that they have hyper-specific categories for which to look for fonts (like “horror,” “video game” and “gothic”), and they provide easy-to-follow instructions for how best to install your font on both Mac and PC.  

2. 1001 Fonts

Contrary to its name, this site houses nearly 5,000 free fonts that are available for commercial use – and a few thousand more if you’re just feeling some design inspiration. You can select font categories if you’re looking for something specific, or just scroll through until you find a font that hits the spot.

3. FontStruct

For the creatives among us, Fontstruct is an awesome option for getting your feet wet in the font-designing world. You can use their online editor to actually create your own font – one so unique, no one has ever used it before! (Tread cautiously, however – “unique” isn’t always synonymous with “good”.) If you’re not feeling the creativity, have no fear – other users have already made their own free fonts and have uploaded them to Fontstruct for your personal download and use!

4. Font Squirrel

Every font listed on this site is free for commercial use! Filter by font family size, font classification or style to find the exact look you’re interested in using. Or, use Font Squirrel’s “Identify Fonts” feature to upload an image with some sort of text, and they’ll tell you which font is the best match!

5. Abstract Fonts

This UI is really easy to navigate, and as the name promises, it offers thousands of abstract fonts – but also a number of “standard” ones. What sets this site apart from others is that they offer a “custom preview” feature to see any font of choice in the colors of your brand or project. Use their color-picker to get the exact shade you want, and see which fonts work best!

6. FontSpace

For quick download times and previewing multiple fonts at once, this is the place to look. FontSpace has over 2,000 designers contributing to their database of free fonts, so you’re bound to find something you like here.

7. Fawnt

In their own words, Fawnt caters to designers, developers, and “anyone who appreciates the web’s highest-quality fonts.” Boasting over 10,000 fonts, the site offers a list of the most downloaded designs right on their homepage – making it easier to choose a top font that speaks to you.

8. Font Zone

There’s no need to register to this site in order to select, preview and download one of 50,000 free fonts. Browse by name, theme or style to find anything from the edgiest Techno to the curviest Bubble Style typeface.  

9. Acid Fonts

This site is great for your font quick-pick; if you don’t have much time to browse and select a font, you’ll appreciate their unadorned interface. Take advantage of their keyword search feature if you’re looking for a specific font, and check out their FAQ section with general font-related problems listed with their solutions.

10. Urban Fonts

While not as extensive a collection as some of these other sites, Urban Fonts is easy to navigate and offers designs from Free Fonts and Dingbats (icons) to Premium Fonts (although the latter costs a bit of money) depending on your needs.

11. Creative Market

Although not specifically a site for fonts, Creative Market provides free goods of the week, every week – among them including one new font! These free fonts are available for limited time only, but you can rest assured that their quality is top-notch.

12. Fontasy

In addition to having a great name, this site provides an archive of over 1100 fonts that you can download for free. Browse by style, fonts A-Z, and by designer; or, you can tell the site to show you random fonts for inspiration. Note: Not all of these fonts are available for commercial use, so it’s important to contact the designer (whose info is listed above the “download” option) and request permission if you see something you like.

13. Free Fonts Project

Created by Ivan Gladkikh, the Free Fonts Project is exactly what it sounds like: A place for artists around the world to contribute fonts for free download and both personal and commercial use. The collection isn’t vast, but it is boutique and quality; as such, donations are encouraged but not mandatory!

14. Lost Type

Pay what you want for this beautiful collection of fonts – and if what you want is “$0.00”, that’s perfectly acceptable! Along with each font comes an explanation of its origin, family, designer, and types of project(s) it’s best suited for.

15. Ten by Twenty

You’ll find free fonts that were downloaded over a million and a half times in Ed Merritt’s personal collection of “typographic experiments”, as he refers to them on his site. Licensed for all uses, he follows a similar pay-what-you-will philosophy to the Lost Types Co-op.

Over to You

Now that you’re all but up to your ears in free fonts, it’s time to make your selection! Which site features the best font collection that will complete your project once and for all?