50 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram (In No Particular Order)

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March 31, 2016
50 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram (In No Particular Order), Part 2
April 7, 2016
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50 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram (In No Particular Order)

Instagram has definitely been one of the most influential social media tools of this generation, launching businesses, brands, and designers into fame simply by sharing a portfolio of their works. We’re always looking at designers we admire, and decided to share some of these accounts so you can be inspired too! We’re breaking this up into two parts, giving you plenty of time to explore these accounts and give these folks a follow.

Instagram posts by 1924us

@1924us – Christian Watson is an Oregon-based photographer, designer, and brand designer that has made a name for himself on Instagram for his creative doodles, creativity with unusual objects, stunning landscapes, and affinity for taxidermied animals.

Instagram posts by @hsiaorocheng

@hsiaoroncheng – Taiwanese commercial artist that started to work as a freelance illustrator in 2012 and soon got international attention. Hsiao-Ron’s clients range from fashion brands to design agencies worldwide.

Instagram Posts by @audkawa

@audkawa – Audrey’s work draws from Art Nouveau and manga comics for an air of beauty and melancholy in everything she creates.

Instagram posts by @veronicagrech

@veronicagrech – An illustrator from Spain, Veronica’s whimsical designs are fun and colorful. A mix of traditional and digital media, her work draws from a range of inspirations.

Instagram posts by @janamedinaillustration

@janamedinaillustration – Illustrator and textile designer who uses mixed media to achieve watercolor-y airy backgrounds and precise depictive pencil art

Instagram Posts by @ninka_daily

@ninka_daily – Based in Barcelona, this illustrator has developed a cute, infantile character named Ninka. Also makes textile patterns and graphic designs for Zara, Oysho, Bershka, and more!

Instagram posts by @emilyfightscrime

@emilyfightscrime – This Texas designer has a penchant for tiny type and color palettes that pop, getting design help from her two cats. Interested in branding and identity design, illustration, and print and publication design, Emily Holt is a must-follow if you share these interests.

Instagram posts by @tallulahfontaine

@tallulahfontaine – Toronto illustrator Tallulah Fontaine also makes zines, which is evident in her design style. You’ve probably seen her work if you’re a fan of the band Purity Ring.

Instagram posts by @llewmejia

@llewmejia – A stylistic illustrator, Llew Mejia lives in San Francisco making textiles. Inspiration for his designs are taken from travel, folk art, wallpaper, and candy.

Instagram posts by @heysp

@heysp – Sarah Palmer is located in the Bay Area, where she is a freelance photographer, designer, art-director, and logo maker. If you like bright, fun colors, you’ll love Sarah!

Instagram posts by @witchoria

@witchoria – A Brooklyn-based graphic designer, surrealism is blended with original photography and movement to create a landscape that is purely her own.

Instagram posts by @ellothereoutdoors

@ellothereoutdoors – The brainchild of Maddy and Seth, this couple got their start creating and selling wedding invitations to now creating a series of products aimed at lauding the beauty of National Parks- with a retro spin.

Instagram posts by @madebyradio

@madebyradio – A London and Cape Town creative studio using bold colors and iconic illustrative style that has worked with a number of clients you’re sure to know, such as IBM, Disney/Pixar, and Lego.

Instagram posts by @frank_ape

@frank_ape – Frank Ape is the creation of Brandon Sine, a primate that makes an appearance in numerous pop-culture scenarios aimed at the juxtaposition between evolved and unevolved.

Instagram posts by @catherinejkim

@catherinejkim – Like minimalism and strong colors? You’ll love Catherine Kim.

Instagram posts by @timothygoodman

@timothygoodman – We became familiar with Timothy after the 40 Days of Dating experiment, and stayed hooked. Come for the type, stay for everything else.

@joncontino – Jon Contino Studio resonates through art & design. Jon’s pretty handy with a pen and paper. He’s created a lot of works for some companies that you’ve probably heard of.

Instagram posts by @neilsecretario

@neilsecretario – There’s more to developing and creating type than meets the eye, and Neil breaks it down in an easy-to-follow and beautiful manner.

Instagram posts by @rdbosse

@rdbosse – Specializing in branding, illustration, and packaging, Ryan Bosse’s work uses conceptual design and eccentric illustrations while crafting a deliberate user experience.

Instagram posts by @velvetspectrum

@velvetspectrum – When you’re in the mood for something bright, in your face, and whimsical, Luke Choice is the option for you!

Instagram posts by @misterdoodle

@misterdoodle – Some people really understand Instagram, and Mister Doodle is one of those artists. Combining beautiful type with inspirational quotes and beautiful images, you’ll be liking something every day.

Instagram posts by @deaks

@deaks – Nick works as an independent artist and designer. His emphasis lies with bold and clean designs that have a woodblock print feel.

Instagram posts by @andreasmhansen

@andreasmhansen – Typography and lettering have made a fierce comeback and we’re happy about it, especially when artists like Andreas make their work known.

Instagram posts by @mikeperrystudio

@mikeperrystudio – You’ve seen Mike’s designs, whether you realize it or not. Since you’re already familiar with what he does, why not get to know him even more?

Instagram posts by @ornamentalconifer

@ornamentalconifer  – Bold designs and typography using bright colors defines this work, being sure to keep you coming back for more!