50 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram (In No Particular Order), Part 2

Blog Header Image "50 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram (In No Particular Order)"
50 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram (In No Particular Order)
April 5, 2016
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Gorgeous Color Palettes You’ll Want to Use Right Now
May 10, 2016

50 Designers You Should Follow on Instagram (In No Particular Order), Part 2

We love Instagram and we know you do too. To help fuel our mutual obsession here, we’re outlining 50 of the top designer accounts to follow. If anything, just to let your feed get a little more exciting. Part one of this series can be found here, and the rest continue below!

25 of the Top 50 Designers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram posts by @heystudio

@heystudio – This design studio, based in Barcelona, emphasizes geometry, color, and direct type when crafting brand identity, editorial design, and illustration.

Instagram posts by @s_harrington

@s_harrington – Looking for California psychedelic-pop? Look no further than Steven Harrington. Colors used in his work embody the California landscape, from the ocean to the desert.

Instagram posts by @rylsee

@rylsee – Typography, design, and mural painting reign supreme in many hand-drawn compositions. Rylsee, based in Berlin, is inspired by the city, everyday life, and signage in a satirical way.

Instagram posts by @anthonyburrill

@anthonyburrill – If we could have all of Anthony Burrill’s prints on our walls, we would. Unfortunately, our offices don’t have enough wall space.

Instagram posts by @seanwes

@seanwes – Do you want to learn hand lettering? This is, by far, the best place to start.

Instagram posts by @mdemilan

@mdemilan – A perfect marriage between lettering and graphic design exists here.

Instagram posts by @kristianhay

@kristianhay – When it comes to innovative logo design, Kristian has it in the bag. Typography combined with minimalism? This aesthetic is key.

Instagram posts by @dschwen

@dschwen – A collaborative studio, colorful works embody this group of designers. Check our their illustrations too!

Instagram posts by @robdraper1

@robdraper1 – As we’ve said, the importance of lettering has come back in a big way. Artist Rob Draper constructs beautiful designs for brands, retail, apparel, and more!

Instagram posts by @rileycran

@rileycran – Package design makes a difference in how your brand is received. Riley Cran knows the difference that a good package design makes, and passionately churns out designs that keep you looking for more.

Instagram posts by @_picolo

@_picolo – Illustration is not underrated with the work of Gabriel Picolo.

Instagram posts by @mrseaves101

@mrseaves101 – Also known as Gemma O’Brien, this artist is spreading the work about hand-lettering, typography, and illustration. She’s worked for some big clients, so you may even be familiar with her work.

Instagram posts by @erikmarinovich

@erikmarinovich – Based in San Francisco, Erik and associated Friends of Type have been tasked with drawing letters and logos for big players, such as Nike, Target, and Facebook, to name a few.

Instagram posts by @steveespopowers

@steveespopowers – You won’t be short on inspiration on this Instagram feed. We were excited to see his work in the Brooklyn Museum a few weeks ago, meaning that checking this account out is more than worthwhile.

Instagram posts by @nicholasmoegly

@nicholasmoegly – Cincinnati designer, illustrator, and hand-letterer that creates designs for a number of mediums. Clean, fresh designs that resonate.

Instagram posts by @willbryantplz

@willbryantplz – Humor and commerce and fun and positivity all collide in sculpture, still life, and illustration.

Instagram posts by @beccaclason

@beccaclason – You think you know lettering, but you don’t even know until you’ve seen the innovative concepts and stop motion animations from Becca Clason.

Instagram posts by @tadcarpenter

@tadcarpenter – Tad Carpenter’s designs, illustrations, and branding methods are uniquely his own. You will be sure not to forget these designs after following!

Instagram posts by @homsweethom

@homsweethom – Bright color palettes and playful lettering characterize the work of traveling designer Lauren Hom.

Instagram posts by @joshuanoom

@joshuanoom – Detailed and bold illustrations combined with organic typography embodies the work of Joshua Noom. Simple, yet effective.

Instagram posts by @pavlovvisuals

@pavlovvisuals – Design firm based in the United States and Amsterdam that takes an innovative look on design.

Instagram posts by @katemoross

@katemoross – If color and energetic squiggles are your things, you’ll be interested in following Kate Moross. Color, color, color.

Instagram posts by @jessicawalsh

@jessicawalsh – We’ve reposted some of Jessica Walsh’s work on our Instagram with good reason- it’s great. Don’t take our word for it.

Instagram posts by @letasobierajski

@letasobierajski – Her work is a combination of traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and styling for a one of a kind visual signature.

Instagram posts by @jenmussari

@jenmussari – Lettering, illustration, fine art, and design collide in Jen Mussari’s work. This is another one you’ve seen before!

Designers are always fun to follow online, and you’ll know that your feed is less filled with breakfast sandwiches and selfies and more filled with art. Follow these artists for a daily dose of inspiration, and @TailorBrands just because!