10 Dogs That Know What It’s Like to Run a Small Business

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June 5, 2017
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10 Dogs That Know What It’s Like to Run a Small Business

June 07, 2017

Dogs are human’s best friends. They are loyal, devoted, and intelligent. Interacting with a dog makes almost everyone’s day just a little bit better, and with this in mind, there are also a ton of great lessons that we can learn from dogs on a regular basis. But it also seems like dogs are humans too, and share in our joys and sadness when we’re expressing those emotions. So without further ado, we’re showing 10 dogs that know exactly how it feels to run a small business – they’re right there with you! 

Dogs Small Business 1Sometimes it’s going to feel like you’re stuck out at sea, and that’s okay. The ball probably won’t stay lost forever, and finding your footing just takes time!


Dog Small Business 5You’re ready to take on the next project and make things happen! You might feel like you’re on a short leash, but the second there’s any give, you’re off and running.


Dog Small Business 6You might feel that what you’re doing is a little weird or unconventional, but you really just need to try it out anyway to see what happens.


Dog Small Business 2Some days, it just feels like you’re getting splashed in the face with work but you just gotta keep running right through the puddle to make it to the other side.


Dog Small Business 3The path can seem long and the end isn’t always in sight, but you’re never alone. There are other small businesses and friends that can lend a hand.


Dog Small Business 4Celebrating the little things makes it all worth it! Running a small business can be very, very overwhelming, so celebrating the first sale, the first goal hit, first event, first collaboration and more makes it worthwhile!


Dog Small Business 7It’s okay to hold yourself back when you need to. Self-restraint is key. You may want to run wild and free with ideas, but strategizing, taking it easy, and making a clear path is your best bet.


Dog Small Business 8Know when to say no. You don’t have to agree to doing everything, especially when it feels like you’re spreading yourself a little too thin. Withholding can sometimes be as important as participating.


Dog Small Business 9Taking a minute to enjoy the little things when times gets stressful pays off. You might forget the minutiae of what’s happening, but all those little details come together to create your brand as a perfect whole.


Dog Small Business 10When the moment comes that you really, really need some time for yourself, take it. Dog days are there for a reason to help you rest, recharge, and revive!

These dogs know what it’s like to devote your life to something and want to see it do well – they’re right there with you!