Featured Business: Interview With Sock Fetish

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January 14, 2019
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Featured Business: Interview with Sock Fetish

It’s finally here: Introducing Sock Fetish, our first featured business of 2019!

Sock Fetish, an online store for retail socks, was started by local-rockstar-turned-sock-aficionado Steve, and his creative partner, Katya, in Boise, Idaho.

We’re always humbled to see how our tools can be of value to our users, and we’re thrilled that the pair have used Tailor to help get Sock Fetish off the ground! Katya and Steve both created the Sock Fetish logo with Tailor and continually design social posts, using our branding tools to help promote their business on and offline.  

From the catchy business name to the beyond-funky sock designs, we knew we had to interview the couple and find out how this business came to be, the challenges they’ve faced, and the advice they have for others who are interested in walking a mile in their, well, socks.  

If you have an online store or are trying to launch one, then this interview is definitely for you! Read on for the full Q&A with Katya and Steve.


Q Introduce yourselves!

Hello! We’re Steve and Katya.

Steve’s a local musician. He’s kind of a big thing around here, in Boise, ID, US. Steve plays the bass and has fantastic stage presence. Katya is an entrepreneur at heart and has a nurturing soul.

We started our business about a year ago. We are excited about the success we will achieve on the horizon.

Q Tell us about your best and most challenging days at work.

Our best days at work consist of us working side by side, enjoying each other’s company. Our biggest challenge is coming up with ideas for new designs to post on social media and finding the time to do so. We both have “day jobs.” Plus, Steve is in two bands!

Q What are the advantages of having an online store as opposed to a physical shop?

The obvious advantage of having an online store is we don’t have to pay rent for a shop; though, it would be nice having all of our stock in one place.

Q How do pop-ups work? How have they helped your business grow?

We conduct our business online and do pop-ups. Pop-ups really do help to expose our business to the local scene; Boise has a lot of opportunities to support small business events. These events encourage visitors to stop by and learn about the small shop businesses.

Our customers get to know us, who we are. In turn, we get to know our customers and get the opportunity to grow our sales. Additionally, customers get to touch and feel our socks – that’s an advantage over online shopping!

Q Why socks? (How did you come up with this idea?)

Why socks? Who doesn’t love socks! We’ve always enjoyed wearing and gifting socks – so, we figured we’d start a business selling socks.

Q Do you see Sock Fetish growing to incorporate other items of clothing?

A Absolutely! We envision our store selling beanies, hats, mittens and hosiery.  Eventually we want to start our dream business of finding and selling oddities.

Q Has being a local rockstar influenced Sock Fetish in any way? How so?  

I believe being a local rockstar has influenced our business. Steve has a lot of fans and knows many people, so that has helped us with our marketing.

Also, being a carefree, eclectic soul helps with choosing fun and quirky socks to carry. Steve’s also our biggest asset in modeling our socks; he only wears shorts, and people always get to see his awesome socks!


Q What advice would you give to someone else who wanted to open an online store?

Stay active and on top of marketing and sales – which is easier said than done. Make a beautiful, secure and easy-to-use website. Offering free shipping is a plus. Post to social media every day. Use the business tools available on social media and networking companies.


Q How has your partnership with one another impacted the way your business developed?

We have been together for six years now, and we get along extremely well. Katya is always pushing me forward and I help to keep her calm.

Our knowledge and expertise is very well-balanced in the way we conduct business.  Steve handles the front office (sales and marketing). Katya is great at the back office type of work (bookkeeping and all the techy things).  And, we both have a great sense of style!


Q Which of your products has sold the most? And, if you could promote only one of your products, which would you choose and why?

We do have some products that have sold very well.  Our best-sellers have ranged from grizzly bears to alien cow abductions.  If we had to choose one product…. Oh no, so difficult. Life wouldn’t be as much fun without choices. Every day is a new start, enjoy the freedom to own many different, fun socks.

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Rock your socks!

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