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Featured Business: Interview with Kay Kay's Fashion

Introducing Kay Kay’s Fashion, an online business based out of the Metro-Detroit area that sells – you guessed it – clothing and fashion items! 

The business was started by Kelechi Uchendu in 2017, following a literal (and figurative) dream that she had. With multiple features in British Vogue and acceptance into the Market at Macy’s program, Kay Kay’s is making a name for itself all across the fashion world – and it shows no signs of slowing down soon. 

Check out Kelechi’s beautiful Tailor Brands fashion logo, and read her story here! 

Q: Can you describe the process you went through to start your business?
You started with an idea, and then what happened?

A. In 2013, I completed my BA in Political Science Pre-Law with a specialization in Environmental Science from Michigan State University. I also received my JD from Vermont Law School in 2016 and my LLM in Environmental Law from my alma mater in 2018. Before I started my business, I was also a writer for Detroit Fashion News, a legal researcher at Columbia University, and a legal intern. I also started blogging on my personal blog, Kay Kay’s Way, when I was a senior at Michigan State University.

I officially registered Kay Kay’s World, LLC and launched Kay Kay’s Fashion at the end of March 2017. However, the journey of Kay Kay’s Fashion actually began in October 2016. On one night in October 2016, I dreamt that I attended a formal event in a magical city like New York. This event was special because it was an event to honor me for my accomplishments. I remember walking down the grand staircase in a gorgeous dress that I had never seen before–and I knew that I needed to bring this dress (and my dreams!) to life.

When I woke up, I told my mother about the dream I had and my desire to design the dress. My amazing mother told me that I should start right away and not put my dreams on hold. After this conversation, I was determined to design the dress. Since I am not a seamstress, I ended up working with a company in the Metro-Detroit area to help me sew my dress. Designing my dress was not easy. It took a couple of fittings to make this unique dress perfect and I did not finish with the dress until March 2017, even though I started the design process in October 2016. However, I used the extra time to learn more about how to run a business.

When I finally launched in March 2017, I received a lot of positive feedback. Today, I sell headbands and scrunchies on my website and since I was accepted into the Market at Macy’s program this year, I was able to sell my products at the Market at Macy’s in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. I even had an event there in October where I was able to tell my story in front of several people.

Q. Why do you want to be a business owner?

A. I always liked the idea of creating something and creating jobs. I also knew that with certain projects I wanted to start (like creating fashion items) it was inevitable that I would need to create a business.

Q. Why did you decide that you needed a logo?

A. I knew that I needed a logo even before I registered my business. A logo is just a necessary part of a business.

Q. How do you feel about your logo? What impact did it have on your business? How did customers start interacting with you?

A. I loved and still love my logo! It was perfect. It made my business more professional. Customers definitely took me seriously when they saw the amazing logo. 

Q. Why do you think businesses need a logo? Why do they need a website? Why do they need to post on social media?

A. A business logo is necessary for branding. It is something that a business cannot do without. A business needs a website as a way to establish legitimacy and (depending on the type of business they are) it is a great way for them to sell their products. Finally, businesses need to post on social media as a way to interact with customers and potential customers. This helps create a fan base. 

Q. Did you take any online courses or trainings before starting your business? Which ones?

A. I did not take any specific business online courses or training before I started. However, I do believe that law school helped me because there are certain courses that you take where you learn the legal part of running a business. I am currently pursuing my Business of Fashion Masters degree through LIM’s online program.

Q. Do you have a blog or social media accounts? How often do you post?

 A.Yes! I have a social media account for myself and social media accounts for Kay Kay’s Fashion. The social media accounts for Kay Kay’s Fashion can be found on our website and my Instagram handle is @kaykaysway92. I also have a blog called Kay Kay’s Way, and I post 1-5 posts per week.

Q. What’s the next step for your business?

A. I am currently trying to get into as many retail, department stores, etc. as possible. Any stores that are interested should email [email protected]

Q. Which brands/blogs/websites do you follow for education or inspiration?

I always feel inspired when I visit The Lip Bar’s website and when I watch the moves that the brand is making.


Q. Where do you see your business in 10 years? What brand would you like to be like?

A. I see myself being sold in stores around the world. I honestly do not aspire to be like any other brand even though I am moved by the story and success of many different brands. 

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