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Interview with NoSH BoDY

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest featured business at Tailor Brands, the one and only NoSh BoDY!  

An organic skincare company, NoSH BoDY was started by dedicated mother and business owner, Shalene Bain. From the health-conscious values behind the brand to the incredible- (and delicious!) sounding products, we knew we had to feature Shalene and her business on our blog.  

Continue on for the full interview with Shalene, and check out how she used her Tailor Brands logo to brand her products! 

Q: Introduce yourself!

A. I’m Shalene Bain (Shalene is pronounced like Celine but with an SH), I’m a 40-something year old mother of two young children in Newport Beach California. 

I am married to a wonderful and amazing man who works in the medical industry. He’s more western and I’m more eastern medicine but we are the perfect Yin/Yang!

Q. How did you get the idea to start NoSH BoDY? 

A. My children were my inspiration. My son has had quite a few health issues since birth, and one of them was eczema as an infant. My daughter also had dry patches from time to time. I did not want my child on a steroid cream and I always worried about what was on the market – mostly because it all sat there on the shelf and not in a refrigerator, or wasn’t made fresh.

I didn’t want something that was in the store on a shelf for possibly a year. I wanted it fresh, like going to the store and buying fresh milk or veggie for them. I personally don’t go into a store looking for the expired milk and produce and then feed it to them. 

I wanted Nourishing Organic Simply Healthy (NOSH) on their BoDY. Plus, NoSH is a Yiddish word for ‘eat,’ and the skin is the largest organ so I thought I’m going to feed my children’s skin the best! 

Q. Can you tell us about the values that separate Nosh Body from other skincare companies? 

A. I don’t believe in cutting corners, I make what I love! I use the absolute BEST organic and natural ingredients for myself and my family and would want nothing less than the best, so I seek out the highest end of each ingredient and make only what I believe to be amazing and wonderful – that’s what I give to my customers. 

Q. How do you find inspiration for creating new products? Where do you get your ideas?

A. This is a tough question to answer. I get ideas everywhere and all the time. Sometimes my mind doesn’t shut off, and I’m already creating something else in my head before I’ve made the last thing I thought up. 

My ideas come from myself and my needs, or my families’ needs; I research and read so much and when I do work on it, I do it until it’s absolute perfection! 

Q. What are your best-selling products? 

A. Oh wow, I sell everything equally, but it comes in weird spurts. It was the Oatmeal Cleansing Foam because it’s so unique; it cuts down on clutter because it’s a face wash, body wash, and women can use it to shave! It’s cost-effective and it feels so good, like pure foaming hydration and so spa-like. I use it to wash my son’s hair, I wash their faces and zero tears! 

Then, there was a faze of the Organic Pepper-Pout for awhile, then a ton of people started gravitating towards the eco-friendly, plant-based Vegan Bubble Syrup, because they knew it was safe for infants and adults. People love to buy moms-to-be the Syrup as well as Nom-Nom Baby Suds with the Apricot Oat Calm Balm. 

The Sushi Balm is so good with seaweed and cucumber, lemongrass and ginger root oil. To most people I recommend the exfoliators too so they are happy, because otherwise the balms don’t get to do their full job of penetrating the skin – you have to get the dead skin off first. 

Young people and mature skin love the Sugar Oat Mimosa Scrub which is lighter. The 30-65 year olds tend to do the Peppermint Latte Scrub. I always recommend either for people who love to self-tan or spray tan because it leaves you so clean and so hydrated that the tan glides on! 

Then my facial sprays, the Fresh Squeezed C Spritz sells so well because the results are so quick and the scent is delicious, but then there is my favorite or all favorites – the Carrot Rose Quench! I’m obsessed and cannot live without this product; it keeps my skin hydrated, I can Spritz over my face, neck etc. in the day and it’s like heaven in a bottle! My skin has never looked more youthful and alive! 

So, I guess I didn’t answer your question – it all sells! 

Image taken from www.instagram.com/noshbodyco/

Q. How did you set up your online store? Any tips to share?

A. I set it up myself and I’m not a tech person. I did want it clean and to the point. I don’t think a website needs to be complicated or confusing, so I try to keep it user-friendly. 

I would recommend that someone starting out use companies that are willing to help you along the way, that have great customer service and offer assistance. My web company does have an amazing team and they are easy to reach. 

Q. How did you learn to market/promote yourself? 

A. I actually don’t do any [marketing], other than word of mouth and my social media. I haven’t been able to do much with an almost 4- and 6-year-old, but I’m a firm believer that slow and steady wins the race.  

I’m hoping to promote more in the next year or two. 

Q. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a small business owner? 

A. Finding the perfect balance of family, free time and time to work on NoSH BoDY. I usually like to make it when I’m alone because I like to be very zen and in the moment. 

Q. How do you envision Nosh Body growing in the future? 

A. I know already that this is a sustainable product, it is just more people need to be made aware that what they put on their skin can and will affect their health. 

I see a lot of potential for NoSH BoDY growing and expanding in several directions, and I’m hoping to make them all a reality.

Image taken from www.noshbody.com

Q. Do you have any advice for others who are interested in starting their own skincare line? 

A. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. I believe everyone is capable of anything. Use your own original and unique concepts to make you stand out. Hold yourself to high standards and don’t give up.

There may not be any money for a long time, because it comes in and then you spend it on supplies, but someday (and I’m not there yet myself) know that it will be something, and if nothing else you did something great and had fun doing it.


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What a rejuvenating story! You can check out all of Shalene’s products at NoSHBoDy.com.

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