Tailor Made: The Perfect Pour with Craft on Draft

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July 13, 2015
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August 28, 2015

Tailor Made: The Perfect Pour with Craft on Draft

August 21, 2015

The craft beer revolution is upon us. Everywhere that sells beer probably has a greater selection of microbreweries than major ones. A sign of small business growth, but also a sign of opportunity. A fun fact about craft beer: American craft breweries collectively now sell more than 16.1 million barrels of beer annually, outpacing, for the first time, Budweiser. Shavaun and Edd of Craft on Draft

Shavaun and Edd of Craft on Draft are taking advantage of the latter with their Georgia store, offering over 40 different types of microbrewery beers you can take home with a signature Craft on Draft growler.

Competition is slim, with the closest location about 2 hours away. This is both a blessing and a curse, as if things go great with your customers, you’re likely to get the referrals and enjoy the benefits of being the only store in town. However, if things don’t go well, you may find yourself awfully alone. To summarize, customer service is key, and that’s something that Craft on Draft takes very seriously.

While customer service is key, there’s also a lot more that goes into being a small business owner. No surprise here, but when I asked Shavaun what their first underestimation was, the answer was easy: “I learned a lot more about beer than I thought I would.” Most of us would consider that a positive, but it’s also a great skill to be able to learn and grow on the fly, which is why Craft on Draft is doing so great. On top of that, she says she really learned a lot about working with people in a team, and surprisingly, that it was easier to setup than people said.

Something she also thought was easy, but incredibly important, was branding. “It’s something you start early on,” she said. Something that we’ve heard a lot, if not always, that the branding is the first thing you start. Additionally, when you have a physical product like a Growler, you want to make sure your logo looks great on it, and we find that the Craft on Draft logo looks great on one, but it was an important part of the process to determine.
As for what’s next, it’s likely Craft on Draft could expand multiple ways, with a potential to start brewing, but also the possibility to franchise. “We want more locations, but we want to keep it in the family”, they told me during the interview.

Regarding the brews, there’s a lot of interest there, especially given they’re one of the only craft suppliers for about a two-hour radius. While there’s plenty of opportunities abound, Craft on Draft will continue with what’s been working, and expand to the next opportunity when it’s right, and we’ll be sure to update you when we know what that is!