How Seasons Can Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns

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October 20, 2016
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October 27, 2016

How Seasons Can Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns

Every time that you walk into a department store, you may notice how early these businesses begin setting up decorations for the upcoming “season”, whether that be back-to-school, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and more. It gets to a point where you’re left to wonder: how early is too early for seasonal marketing?

Consumers behave differently at different times of the year, influenced by what day of the week holidays or events fall on or what items customers may be in demand for during that time of the year. It also allows your brand to exhibit some additional personality throughout the year in new and unexpected ways. In short, seasonal marketing is an opportunity to evolve your brand without changing your brand.

Use Seasonal Marketing to Experiment With Your Brand

One piece of advice for seasonal marketing campaigns is to prepare early! There’s nothing worse than remembering last-minute that there is a sense of urgency around an upcoming holiday or scrambling to get a promotion together. You may even remind people that they need to jump start their shopping or that booking your service is essential. While some seasonal marketing campaigns may take more time to manifest than others, preparation and planning always win out! As with anything, however, timing is key.

There are a lot of ways that any small business can leverage seasonal marketing to their advantage. Below, we’ve highlighted only a few of the ways that you can start using seasonal marketing to your benefit.

  • Offer special discounts, sales, and extended hours during some holidays or seasons.
  • Differentiate themes based on the seasons. For example, Spring is seen as a fresh start, while Summer brings a lot of attention to the weather and beating the heat. Use these in campaigns!
  • Create separate package offerings for events. A graduation package is perfect to run from May into June to cover college and high school graduations.
  • Consider offering gift cards or offers that are specifically catered towards the holidays in question. Working in tandem with an event or promotion can help encourage two-for-one deals!
  • Use emotional elements as appropriate, especially around holidays. St. Patrick’s Day is great for humor, Valentine’s Day celebrates love, and Halloween gives you a chance to be spooky.
  • Find creative ways to push your product or service. BOGO sales are great for this, especially around holidays are looking to give others gifts. They may purchase what you do, and gift the other to someone else, spreading the word about your brand.
  • Think of advertising or setting pop-up shops seasonally. Holiday markets are great in the winter, while sidewalk sales are perfect for summer months and places you literally in front of your customer.
  • Partnering with other businesses in the area to create a one-stop shopping or service experience that can become increasingly convenient.
  • Games, whether on your website or in your store, are a great engagement and social piece. Try hiding something for a percentage off.
  • Don’t forget about very niche “national days”. Something like National Talk Like a Pirate Day can be a quick celebration that combines fun and discounts. Scheduling appointments? Offer anyone that calls and talks like a pirate 10% off.

Another important thing to remember during any seasonal or holiday marketing campaign is implementing an end date. One of the appeals of these campaigns is that they have pretty solid and established start and end points, allowing you to shift gears to go back to business as usual or switch gears to something else. Establishing this with customers is also essential! Your campaign is not ongoing, and quick action will be what matters. You can extend if needed, but be clear that any offers, promotions, or events are not ongoing.

With the holiday season approaching, now is the perfect time to be thinking about your seasonal efforts- there are tons of events over the next two months that provide ample opportunity to do some great marketing work! We’d love to hear what you have planned.