Tailor Made: Advance Your Small Business With McNamara Marketing

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Tailor Made: Advance Your Small Business With McNamara Marketing

February 28, 2017

Small Business Marketing By Those Who Know What You Need

At Tailor Brands, we know the struggles that small business and brands face getting themselves known. For anyone that’s starting out, not only does every dime count, but there is a limited amount of time every day to devote to marketing. Social media is one easy way that many companies use to expand their customer base, but that’s only one part of many that goes into a well-rounded marketing strategy. For small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups, how can they expand their marketing potential appropriately for their size business without breaking the bank? Ania McNamara is the founder of McNamara Marketing, a fresh, creative and energetic full-service marketing firm pioneering businesses forward.

As a small business itself, “our group thrives on result-driven marketing strategies and we just happen to be extremely creative, resourceful, and outgoing making working together an inspiring atmosphere. We want to connect with businesses nationwide looking for personalized marketing services and a dedicated team to call their own. Our goal is to serve as the marketing department for businesses.”

If you’ve looked into small business marketing opportunities, you’ll know that there are a wealth of options for owners looking to work with an outside agency in order to advance their efforts.

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Ania has identified this problem that many face. “Often, small businesses do not have an in-house marketing department or employee and often result in outsourcing to multiple services for different projects, all over the world or even worse, ignore marketing opportunities altogether. This causes confusion to owners, lost revenue, more work and so on.” There are smart ways to prevent this kind of complicated agency work. What Ania has created is a “one-stop-shop for small businesses marketing needs. Working closely and building sustainable, long-term relationships is our mission. Our clients think of us as a team rooting and working to grow their brand and business. We are a dedicated team that works one-on-one with clients to provide strategic marketing strategies, growth opportunities, successful initiatives and more.”

Promoting small businesses and women in business are both two topics that Tailor Brands holds dear to its heart and something that Ania and McNamara Marketing agrees with. Ania explains why she got into business for herself:

My mother is an entrepreneur for 30 years and has always inspired me. Since I can remember, I loved entrepreneurship and the passion that comes from business owners. I am naturally an extrovert obsessed with surpassing expectations and growing avenues for my clients whose businesses I hold close to my heart. The idea to start this firm came when I realized how many business owners wore multiple hats with day-to-day operations leaving marketing optimization on the back burner. My goal is to support them and show them how a strong marketing strategy can pioneer them forward. I hope to grow long-term relationships with each and every client and help them grow their brand as if it was my own. Strategy, maintenance, management, and consistency are key.

“Every day is a new challenge and opportunity. Work seems to flow consistently around the clock. As a visionary with your thoughts spinning a million times a minute, it’s so important to prioritize and set goals for the week, month or quarter. You can’t do everything all at once, but you can do a few things really well and take baby steps to do them to your best ability,” Ania has noted about the challenges that comes with being a small business owner while helping other small business owners. “I’ve also learned the importance of taking a leap of faith. If you don’t jump, you will never know the outcome or the possibilities. Even when you are scared, if your heart tells you to do it and it feels right, go.” Taking a leap of faith is one of the key challenges for any small business owner, but one of the most important ones.

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Besides taking a great leap of faith, there are some other important pieces of advice that Ania has for other small business owners. “First I would advise small business owners to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. I have reached out to many “unknowns” and have received some great clients with it. At first, it’s scary because we naturally fear rejection, but rejection is just a reflexion of a better opportunity coming your way. Second, I would advise business owners to join a local business group or network. I have been able to meet some extraordinary people and grow my network, client and overall businesses but investing my time in getting to know other business owners. Third, invest in marketing your business with a team that wants to build your brand side-by-side. You don’t have to do everything alone, know there are incredible resources that can help take the load off your plate plus provide you growth opportunities.”

Where would McNamara Marketing be without branding? “Branding is an essential piece to the success of not only my own business but the business of my clients. Unfortunately, too many times businesses don’t understand how branding can shape their success and the missing opportunity when they have a stale and outdated brand. It is crucial for me to have a brand that tells the environment of putting trust into partnering with McNamara Marketing.” That’s how Tailor Brands and McNamara Marketing work hand-in-hand. “I discovered Tailor Brands after researching multiple platforms for a client who needed an option where they could adjust the need of their logo and keep it organized under one platform. The website was so easy to use, great customer service chat to answer all my questions and I have also been able to expand into using Tailor Brands to ignite my social media content in a hassle-free and beautiful way.”

What’s next for McNamara Marketing? “We are looking to expand our services, resources, and overall network and bring on partnerships from a variety of industries. We have recently expanded into helping businesses brand their company wearables and merchandise/ accessories with the goal of bringing the brand to life. We hope to help companies inspire their employees, impress clients, stay cozy and professional. Who said work-wearables has to be outdated and boring? Fun examples can be found on Facebook!”

Interested in keeping up with McNamara Marketing? Be sure to visit their website and follow them on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! If you’re interested in highlighting your business in a Tailor Made series, feel free to reach out to [email protected]