What’s New and Exciting at Tailor Brands

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June 13, 2017
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July 3, 2017

What’s New at Tailor Brands

June 22nd, 2017

This month, we’ve been pumping out new features with only one goal in mind – giving you all the tools you’ll need in order to take your brand to new levels! With exciting new features, and improvements to some of our old favorites, here’s some of the things we’ve been working on and why they will boost your brand:


Social Post Tool

If you want to stay in the game, being active on Social Media is a definite must. Gone are the days where a simple website was enough to get noticed. Today, just about anyone who’s anyone is active on social media and you and your brand shouldn’t be any exception.

Although no one can be entirely sure how many times businesses should be posting on the various platforms  it’s a fact that frequently posting on social media platforms get your business more noticed. Posting the right content at the right intervals helps to increase engagement, and in turn, helps to boost your followers and that all-important customer base!

As a business owner, you understand the importance of posting on Social Media, but simply don’t have the time or the inspiration to do so. Not to worry – we’ve got you covered!

With our brand spanking new Social Post design tool, you’ll be rolling out the stunning designs for your ever-increasing followers to enjoy, in a matter of minutes! The tool does all the hard work for you, and will guide you through the simple steps. You’ll be prompted to choose an image, add in your chosen text, choose from our beautiful selection of fonts and polish it all off with a funky filter and layout of your choice. Perfect!

Seasonal Logos

It’s essential that you and your brand stand out from the crowd and keep up in this fast-paced world we live in. Mixing your logo up from time to time is a perfect way to show that you and your versatile business are ready for any occasion!

Seasonal logos allow you to increase engagement with your wonderful customers, as well as ensure that your brand stays cool and current.

We’ll fill up your Tailor account with adorable variations of your original logo, whenever a special event or holiday approaches. Christmas? New Year? National Vegetable Day (yep, that exists!)? We’ve got you sorted.

Seriously though, they’re not only super cute, but the perfect way to ensure your small business stays trendy and timeless, all year round.



Although branding is an entire process (a process made incredibly simple with Tailor Brands), and building your brand is essential to building your business, the basis of any great brand has to be the logo itself. A memorable logo is the mark of any great business. It’s the first thing people see, and what sticks in their mind when they think of you and your business.

We think We at Tailor Brands understand the importance of the logo more than anyone, and have recently revamped and relaunched our logo editor. Now, our sleek and shiny editor is even easier to use, with a huge variety of features to choose between, when perfecting your design.

Choose the colors of your logo, fonts, layouts and much, much more. Plus, read a neat summary of your logo design and learn what works well.

Logo Editor

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media site out there, and if you’re looking to promote your business and get noticed by the right people, it’s the perfect place to start. Facebook Ads are used by businesses, both small and large, the world over to target specific audiences, increase activity and boost exposure.

With our fresh Facebook Ads tool, you’re able to create the perfectly sized ad in just a few moments. They’re perfectly sized for the job and can be uploaded straight to your Facebook business page so you can start succeeding!