Why You Should Think About Watermarking Your Images

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August 4, 2016
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Why You Should Think About Watermarking Your Images

August 9, 2016

One of the most common requests we get at Tailor Brands is people wondering if and how they should watermark their images. As you may know, a watermark is a symbol that is both used to identify the original image and prevent copies from being made. One of the clearest examples of this is by photographers providing digital images for purchase consideration, whereby they place their logo over the image to prevent someone from stealing their work without payment.

While this is one clear example of watermarking, these can also be applied to business documents, product images, and more to show ownership, prevent copying, and ensure that your assets are always attributed to you, and not someone that’s trying to copy your work for their own gain.

Image with corner watermark example

Corner Watermark Example

In Favor of the Branded Watermark

In an increasingly digital world, the previous means to prevent theft, such as creating elaborate but recognizable designs, vanishing designs when copied or scanned, raised inks, and embossed papers don’t easily apply when all a user needs to do is right-click and save, or simply print. To combat this theft, many businesses use a visible watermark on their photos and documents to take one additional step towards theft prevention.

So why should you watermark?:

  • Prevent the theft of a printed image from a photographer until after purchase
  • Use as a marketing perk by making an image easily identifiable
  • A signature for an image or document
  • Indication that a document contains sensitive information
  • Differentiating internal documents from those that others can see
  • Safeguarding your intellectual written property on documents
  • Determining the difference between an original and a copy
  • Can help to indicate whether or not a document has been altered
  • A digital compass that can lead people back to your website
  • Create a level of remembrance for your brand and your product

Does anything work as a watermark? Not really. Especially if your watermark is on images, then you’ll also want to be sure that your watermark is visually appealing as well. For marketing, a logo or related font should also be used to keep your branding message consistent. Further, keeping your watermark to a legible but appropriate size is important! You don’t want your watermark to take up the entirety of the image and preventing a user from seeing what is underneath.

Example of center watermark

Centered Watermark Example

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