Memorable Blog Logo Designs to Inspire Your Own

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Are you thinking about starting a blog, or taking your existing blog to its next level of growth? 

Your head is in the right place. 

In this day and age, consumers want to learn by reading content rather than traditional ads. In fact, businesses with blogs yield an average of 67% more leads monthly than those that don’t blog. And get this: 77% of internet users (meaning, everybody) regularly read blogs to get information. 

Tl;dr, it’s in your best interest to have a blog. 

And while your blog content is always going to be fresh and updated, you need a memorable logo design that remains consistent throughout all your branded material. 

A unique and striking logo will help your blog be a success, uniting your online presence into one branded look. 

We’ve compiled beautiful blog logo examples for your inspiration, ranging across all types of industries. Take a look at the different blog logos to see what fonts, colors, and symbols speak to readers the most. And once you’re ready, you can try out our logo maker to design your blog logo in minutes!

Blog Logo Inspiration by Industry

Every business needs a logo, but each industry has its own design best practices. 

Here are some of the most popular types of blogs by industry and the logos that fit each one best:

Food blogs

Whether you’re sharing tried-and-tested recipes for the ultimate gluten-free chocolate souffle or tips for healthy eating, the logo you design for your food blog needs to capture the essence of your brand. 

As you consider the different elements that go into designing a logo (icon, color, typography, etc), think about the overall message you’re trying to send, the audience you want to reach, and your brand mission and values. 

If you have a vegan blog, you might want a more earthy color palette and maybe an icon of herbs or vegetables. But if you specialize in hot sauce recipes, then you’d go with bold, spicy colors such as red and orange and an icon of a pepper. 

So let’s start taste-testing some of the most appetizing food blog logos in the industry starting with Kitchn. 

Kitchn’s mission is to help make their readers’ lives happier and healthier at home through their kitchen. They helped convey their brand mission by using shapes.  In logo design, different shapes can help forge an emotional and psychological connection between a brand and consumers. The Kitchn purposefully used a circular logo paired with yellow to express a sense of unity, friendliness, and liveliness. 

Kitchn logo

Our Best Bites uses the power of a strong icon to perfectly capture their blog’s vibe. I love that their icon is a fork and heart shaped orange (and a small bite mark detail too!). Our Best Bites’ icon is unique, fun, and most importantly, totally on brand. 

our best bites logo

Picky Palate decided to go bold with a standout serif font with decorative spirals and a small heart shape dotting the ‘i’ in ‘Picky.’ As for an icon, the Picky Palate chose a set of utensils neatly tied together with a red string. From the typography, color palette, and icon, Picky Palate’s logo couldn’t be sweeter!

picky palate logo

Recipe Girl’s logo consists of a cartoon version of the blogger herself happily holding a bowl and a whisk. A mascot logo is a great way to set yourself apart because it helps give your business a personality and humanizes your brand.

Now let’s talk about typography for a minute. Oftentimes, using multiple fonts can be visually appealing and help to differentiate the design—Recipe Girl logo being a case in point. Generally, fonts pair well together when there’s a significant contrast between the 2, which is why the Recipe Girl logo font works so well.

recipe girl logo

Personal blogs

A personal blog is a place the author wants to share their knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and personal life experiences with an audience. No matter if you’re a mommy blogger like Dooce or an entrepreneur sharing advice to others like My Wife Quit Her Job,  a personal blog needs a strong personal logo.  

As you think about creating your logo, you’ll want to find a design that reflects the essence of who you are as a blogger, the overall message you’re trying to send, the audience you want to reach, and your mission and values. 

Heather Armstrong’s mommy blog, Dooce, was so popular because it was a space for readers to turn to for relatable content they couldn’t find anywhere else. The logotype is simple, with black lowercase letters spelling out the blog name ‘Dooce.’ But what makes it unique is the letters unevenly stacked vertically.  The letters are also of varying sizes, which draws the eye in to take extra notice of the logo.

Dooce logo

Dad or Alive is a blog confessing the truths of being a stay-at-home dad. And in typical dad style, the logo is heartfelt, warm, and authentic. The logotype looks like it was hand-drawn and colored in with a pencil, kind of like a doodle on a kid’s homework. The Dad or Alive blog logo gets an A+ in personal logo design.

Dad or alive logo

Speaking of typography, using a script font is another great way to connect with your readers on a personal level. Script often resembles handwritten letters, so it can appear playful, friendly, and whimsical. Just take a look at Selective Potential’s logo to see what I mean. 

selective potential logo

Finally, a simple shape or icon can “interrupt” your logo design in a way that draws your audience’s attention to a particular facet of your logo. My Wife Quit Her Job, a blog geared towards teaching people how to successfully create their own online store, does just that with the word ‘Quit’ – using the frame to represent a calendar and entice people to make the leap and become their own boss. 

my wife quit her job blog logo

Fashion and beauty blogs

When it comes to fashion and beauty blog logos, it’s what’s on the outside that counts! That’s why it’s important to take some time in picking the right font that fits your fashion blog’s style. 

Fashion and beauty blog logos usually tend to stick to logotypes (just the text) as opposed to a logomark (an icon). Fonts vary from handwritten, which gives off a more personalized feel, to minimalistic wordmarks that are also a popular logo trend. 

The Cut, for example, has a sleek font that’s on point for them. You’ll often see serif fonts like this one used in fashion-related logos, in that they call back a traditional, classy feel. Notice that their font literally ‘cuts’ at the edges of the letters, and it’s the perfect choice for a brand committed to sparking provocative conversations.

The cut logo

Song of Style takes their font in a different direction, with modern stencil lettering that is simple and clean. The only “flair” is a stylized ‘s’ which doubles as a musical note, instantly reminding readers of the blog name. Black, too, is a classic color for the fashion world, and in this case, it makes it easy to put the Song of Style logo on any background without making it difficult to read. 

song of style logo

All of this isn’t to say you can’t use an icon or play around with shapes for your fashion and beauty blog logo! If you look at The Fashion Spot logo, it looks like the blog’s initials are being put in the spotlight over a black backdrop – perfect for highlighting what the blog is about (spotlighting the biggest stories among fashion and celebrities). 

the fashion spot logo

Not every fashion blog logo has to use this formula of thin black lettering, however. The Frisky takes their logo in a different direction, pairing a playful script font that boasts thick lettering with a more traditional sans-serif. Notice how they played with their logo layout to emphasize ‘Frisky’, drawing attention to the curves of the letter ‘F’ to subtly cue their readers into the fact that they’re a blog by females, for females. 

the frisky logo

Then we have The Blonde Salad, which is an entirely different take on trying to appeal to the feminine through design. This Italian fashion and lifestyle blog is a mix of edge and pop culture, which is reflected in the glow-in-the-dark-like logo that’s reminiscent of a Hollywood billboard. The cursive lettering adds a personal touch to the logo – fitting for a blog started by a single woman (Chiara Ferragni) who remains the face and brand behind it. 

the blond salad logo

Tech blogs

To say the tech world is booming would be an understatement, and that’s why, if you have a tech blog you need a logo that is spec-tech-ular (too much?). I feel like a broken record, but the most important thing you can do is design a tech logo that speaks directly to your audience.

Let’s look at WPBeginner’s logo first. As the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners, WPBeginner’s logo color choice was clearly well thought out. They chose orange, and from what we know about color psychology, it’s a color that can ignite motivation, uplift, and provide mental stimulation. That color choice makes sense because, let’s be honest, learning something totally new like WordPress requires a helpful motivator.  

wpbeginner logo

Next, we’ll look at Stratechery, which is a blog that analyzes the strategy and business side of technology and media, and the impact of technology on society. Again, the orange logo color conveys intelligence and optimism. Moreover, the ballpoint pen icon is unique in that it’s made up of lines that look like they came from a boardroom graph. 

stratechery logo

And if you want to add some movement to your tech blog logo, then take inspiration from Mashable’s animated logo. An animated logo adds effects and movement to the design, ranging from simple effects to a whole change in form (like Mashable). 

Mashable logo

Finally, Cringely is a great example of how in logo design, less is often more. For a tech blog whose allure hinges on the man that started it (Robert X. Cringely at your service!), it certainly makes sense to highlight the individual – which the logo does with the letter ‘I’. And, the combination of white with a modern sans-serif font helps to paint the picture of a current, up-to-date blog that you can rely on for the latest in tech and business, no matter the subject. 

Cringely logo

​​Business and finance blogs

Above all else, business and finance blogs must appear credible and knowledgeable. 

You can create a professional-looking logo by incorporating geometric shapes or icons, such as The Penny Hoarder’s circular logo. 

Choose colors that match your blog’s purpose, ideally choosing colors that are associated with the business/financial world, like green, blue, purple, or black. 

the penny hoarder logo

Smart Passive Income uses a green logo and that’s good for 2 reasons. One, it stands out from the other monotonous colors typically used in this industry, and secondly, green symbolizes wealth, growth, and prosperity. 

Smart Passive Income blog logo

Remember when I said you want your business and finance blog logo to look respectable and credible? That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Just take a look at Mr. Money Mustache’s logo. It’s eye-catching, unique, and on-brand, and that’s the name of the logo game. 

mr money mustache logo

Travel blogs

Everybody appreciates a good travel blog for helping to plan out their next vacation or learn how to become a digital nomad! Whichever type of travel blog you run, an icon is the most popular choice. Usually you’ll see common symbols like a globe, a backpack, or hiker, but feel free to play around with your icon. 

For example, the Goats on the Road logo is literally an outline of a goat standing on a road paved through the center of the letter ‘o’. It’s unique, quirky, and definitely memorable! 

goats on the road logo

Spotted by Locals is another good icon that is a play on the name of the blog. The ‘o’ in ‘Spotted’ has been replaced with an eyeball that also looks like a pinpoint on a map symbol. 

spotted by locals blog logo

Jones Around the World keeps with the icon-within-a-logo tradition, filling in the ‘o’ in ‘World’ with an entire globe. And, notice how the blog logo uses white space to create arrows within the letter ‘S’ at the end of the word ‘Jones’? Negative space is a great way to include hidden messages in your logo that give your blog that extra unique touch! 

Jones around the world

And let’s not forget Nomadic Matt, who puts a backpacker right in the middle of the blog name. Not only does it create the illusion of movement within the logo, but it also makes the viewer able to imagine themselves as a similar nomad – making them more likely to want to click the link to the blog and read more about how they can become one. 

nomadic matt blog logo

Over to You

Beyond being a major way to promote your business, blogs are one of the best ways for you to build trust with your audience. Your target audience is on the internet right now waiting for you to churn out content they want and need. 

Whether you’re starting a food blog or a techie blog, you’ll need to have a strong, unique, and memorable logo design. I hope these examples have given you some inspiration. 

When you’re ready to design your own logo, head on over to our logo maker! 


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