These Flower Logos Will Make Your Business Bloom

For generations, we’ve used flowers to represent several different kinds of emotions—from happy weddings to grieving funerals, and everything else in between. 

That’s one of the reasons why it’s so common to see flowers used in logos across many different industries.

They’re so adaptable that you can use them in nearly any situation, and more importantly, you can use flowers to make your logo bloom.

A gorgeous flower logo can help you brand your company, attract customers, and create more recognition for your business. 

As we’ve already planted the seeds of floral logo design, let’s look at some of the different types of flower logos you can use!

Different Flower Logo Styles

There are many different logo styles you can create using flowers, depending on what your business does and what vibe you’re trying to give off to your audience. Check out 6 of the most popular flower logo styles below and see which would be the best fit for your brand:

Modern flower logos

Modern flower logos are often flat, simple-looking designs that work well with digital media, such as social media and your website.

Pairing the logo with a sans-serif font, similar to those used by Google and Facebook, creates a flower logo that’s perfect for the digital age.

It’s easy on the eyes, and you can use the logo effortlessly on ads, your website, and social media sites.

To get the most of your modern flower logo, use bright, contrasting colors to make your logo pop. For example, a purple flower on a white background will catch your viewers’ attention AND look great on printed items.

Minimalist flower logos

Minimalist logo design is all about removing unnecessary design elements that can clutter up your logo.

It’s about creating a logo with the bare essentials—and this design style works wonders when paired with a flower.

A simple flower outline, coupled with a clean font, creates an elegant logo that’s timeless and beautiful.  

It’s a great choice for coffee shops, florists, and wedding planners looking for a simple logo design that shows their charm and style.

Remember, though, your logo still needs to be noticed; don’t make it so simple that nothing about it is memorable. 

Flower logos with frames

Using a framed flower logo allows you to incorporate flora into the logo itself.

Wrapping beautiful flowers around your frame helps to showcase how fauna is an integral part of your business – like for flower shop owners, decorators, artists who use flowers in their work and nature-related businesses.

You can use detailed vines and petals to wrap around the frame, or keep it simple with plain branches and stems.

Oval frames work nicely, as well as cornered shapes like squares and rectangles, or even stars and octagons.

Just make sure your logo isn’t too squished together, and that each of your design elements has enough room to breathe.

Botanical logos

Botanical logos are an excellent alternative to using a regular flower.

Let’s not forget that there’s more to a flower than just petals. There are leaves, buds, stems, roots, etc., all of which you can use in your logo to symbolize growth and refinement. With botanical elements, your logo will take on an organic feeling, yet remain stylish and sophisticated.

Try using a botanical element with an elegant script font or flowing serif font for a charming, down-to-earth logo design that’s imbued with the power and beauty of mother nature. 

Vintage flower logos

There’s something about vintage designs that just scream “high-class” and “authentic.”

By using a vintage logo, you’re letting your audience know you’re a respectable, trusted, and long-lasting business. 

Vintage logos are often distinguished by their color palette, classic font style, and containers that are reminiscent of old medicine bottle labels. Just make sure that a vintage theme is right for your brand before you commit.

Abstract flower logos

An abstract logo uses geometric shapes to represent your brand.

An abstract logo uses geometric shapes to represent your brand, but this doesn’t mean the shape has to be unrecognizable! You can create an abstract shape that resembles a flower to create a stunning logo.

Popular flowers used for abstract logo design are sunflowers, daisies, and lotuses. They work well because you can easily combine multiple shapes to create a flower symbol. 

When paired with a gradient color scheme and contrasting colors, abstract flower logos are beautiful to look at and truly unique.

How to Choose the Right Flower for Your Logo

Ready to choose your own flower logo? Before your logo is ready to bloom, consider the following things:

Does the logo design mesh well with your brand personality? If your brand is young and modern, a vintage flower logo may not be a good fit. Choose a flower logo that stays true to who you are as a brand.

Where will your logo be used? Depending on where you want to put your logo, you may find that one type of design works better over another. If you’re going to run lots of online ads on Facebook and Google, your logo needs to look good at smaller sizes and stand out from the screen (i.e. have less detail).

If you’re going to print your logo on a big storefront or on aprons and other utensils, it should be able to resize well and have a strong enough color to be noticed. 

Which colors do you want to use? Flowers are colorful and come in all shapes, shades, and sizes. For the best results, stick to 3 or fewer colors in your palette, and make sure that you pick colors that express your brand personality. Any more and you run the risk of cluttering your logo and overwhelming your audience. 

Is your flower logo unique? If your logo is too similar to your competition, people may think you’re a copycat or confuse your brand with your competitors’! Make sure it’s individual and speaks to your specific business. 

Over to You

Are you feeling your creative juices flowing yet? We hope so after seeing so many beautiful flower logos! Keep your overall branding in mind when designing a logo, and don’t shy away from experimenting with different color shades. 

If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, pop over to our logo maker and create your own flower logo right now. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a flowery logo for your business.