20 Famous Orange Logos to Inspire Your Design

Sunsets, tropical weather, autumn leaves, butterfly wings, fresh veggies – orange can be found in unexpected places, and we see it everywhere we go without even realizing. 

And, like with all colors, we’ve developed certain associations and feelings with orange when it meets our eyes – also known as color psychology

It’s a friendly, sociable, happy, energetic color, which is why famous companies across a bunch of different industries use it in their logo design! 

Orange is often used in food and beverage brands, in addition to retail, entertainment and tech.

However, you normally won’t see orange used in wellness brands, because people can associate the color with warning signs of danger or toxic waste. 

And, you usually won’t see logos that are only orange, because it tends to be overwhelming to the eye – though some of the brands we’ll look at below do use it to set themselves apart from the crowd. 

Let’s take a look at 20 famous brands that use orange and see how the vibrant color helps the rest of their logo design send their audience just the message.

1. JBL

If you’re at all into music or quality audio, you’ve likely heard of JBL.

Their speakers are one of the most well-known and popular, though the company has been around since 1946.

Notice that their logo uses 2 basic geometric shapes to give off multiple meanings – an exclamation mark, the shape of speakers, etc. – while the orange and white combination helps to convey strength and freshness.  

2. Mastercard

One of the most popular logos in the world, Mastercard combines orange with other energetic colors to show that it’s passionate, progressive and energetic.

Though the logo has undergone several changes over the years, the orange was revived from its previous iteration in the ‘90’s – marking it as one of the logo’s most distinctive features.   

3. Fanta

What better way to remind people of the taste of your food than by injecting a reminder right into your logo?

Fanta is known for its orange-flavored soda, and the “bubbly” aspects of their product – represented in their playful, rounded font – extends to their brand personality as well.

The green leaf helps to offset the orange circle in the background, reminding people of wholesome, healthy, appetizing oranges. 

4. Firefox

The Firefox logo is an example of a design that seems simple but accomplishes so much simultaneously.

Firstly, the combination of “fire” and “fox” gives off the impression of speed and agility – which is exactly what the web browser company wants people to think of when they see their logo.

(And, the image reminds people of the company name, helping to create brand recognition.)

Additionally, the blue sphere – reminiscent of the world – combined with the orange fox indicates both reliability and energy, which tells their audience that this is a brand they can trust.  

5. Nickelodeon

The world’s first cable channel dedicated to children, Nickelodeon is one of the few companies that are represented by a completely orange logo.

Because of their target audience, the logo color works; combined with their font, the logo represents youth, freshness, and joy, which are all things the channel wants to promote. 

6. Blogger

The Blogger logo is a good example of how to use just a single letter from your business name (also known as a lettermark) to do a large amount of work for you.

Here, the white-in-orange “B” helps to represent the blogging platform’s qualities – namely, professionalism, creativity and joy.

The font puts a unique spin on the logo, while the flat design looks clean and modern – just like their interface. 

7. Crush

A Fanta competitor, Crush uses the same idea in their logo design but executes it in a different way.

Rather than grounding their entire logo in an orange circle, they “splash” the orange around the rest of their logo design, which helps to both draw the eye to the business name and highlight the fact that they sell drinks in the process.

Although they originally only offered orange-flavored drinks, the company has since expanded to include other flavors, and the green and white lettering helps to indicate that their beverages are fresh. 

8. Harley Davidson

One of the most widely recognized motorcycle brands in the world, Harley Davidson has been around since 1903.

Their logo has undergone a series of changes over the years, but the current version is a powerful emblem that looks like it’s here to stay.

Notice how they use a darker orange to provide a strong pop of color next to the black and white.

This combination helps to symbolize adventure, power, and strength – reminding people of the experience they’ll get if you purchase one of their motorcycles. 

9. Hermes Paris

Here’s an aspect of using orange that we haven’t much discussed yet: Vintage logo design.

You’ll often see darker or more muted oranges used in company logos that want to appear timeless or traditional, which is what Hermes Paris does so well.

Combined with the horse and buggy imagery and serif lettering, the logo exudes class, sophistication, and, well, vintage-ness, telling their audience that this 180-year-old company isn’t going anywhere.  

10. Mirinda

Can you guess what Mirinda does right from their logo? We sure can.

Like their Crush and Fanta counterparts, this beverage company has yet another take on how to combine green and orange in order to make their audience’s mouths water.

Have you started thinking about ways to combine colors to send the right message with your own logo? 

11. Sony Walkman

Remember using Walkmans?

Depending on when you were born, you might not have come in contact with this once extremely popular cassette player.

Their original logo was white and situated in an orange box, though they later put their entire logo in orange – hinting toward the excitement of listening to music – and doing away with the white altogether. 

12. Science Channel

Although the Science Channel logo is no longer orange (they’ve since switched to blue), we thought it was still worth mentioning – even at the end of the list.

The shape of the logo lettering is reminiscent of the periodic table, which is fitting for a channel that features science and technology!

The orange helped to put an invigorating spin on a subject that people don’t necessarily always find exciting. 

Over to You

Now that you have an idea of all the different ways companies use orange to their advantage, have you thought about what you’re going to do with your own logo design? 

If you want to test out different color combinations with orange, you can always try out our logo maker! It will let you tweak your logo style, including trying different color palettes until you find the combination that works best for your brand.