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June 5, 2017
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5 Things You Need to Know Before Creating a Business Logo

One of the most important decisions your small business is going to make before opening its doors to the public is crafting a strong brand identity, and that begins with a simple first step which is making a logo for your business.

Although it is only a small part of overall branding efforts, a logo can say a great deal about a company, from its personality to its target market and even its industry.

Because a logo is usually the first thing many potential customers see out of any company’s branding efforts, it many times acts as a first impression. As such, it’s vital to ensure that your small business always puts its best foot forward in the quest to turn visitors into customers.

So how can a small business make sure that their logo truly communicates their company’s value while still looking appealing and memorable enough to stick with customers? The reality is that there are several decisions to be made when getting started making a logo that can significantly enhance your design process. Keep reading to discover five essential things to know before designing your company’s logo.

Understand Your Brand

Logo design today has much more depth than simply choosing colors, a font, and a symbol to represent your company. To create a logo that is both dynamic and memorable, your small business needs to understand itself on a very profound level. This includes considering target demographics, which can help decide the colors, font style, and even imagery used; having a clear vision that can be transmitted in your logo; and even identifying major trends in your industry that can point to possible aspects to incorporate.

Moreover, having in-depth knowledge of your brand is the first step in creating a comprehensive identity, of which your logo is the most prominent example. By starting off with a clear brand image, your small company can build on your logo and craft the best impression from the start.

Know What Your Logo Will Say

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a logo is the very first thing most potential customers see when looking for your small business. In addition to knowing the brand inside and out, the logo design process should include a serious conversation about the logo’s purpose. Is it meant to be informative? Should it have images or words, or both?

Every aspect of the logo, from colors to fonts to the logotype selected, can speak volumes about your company’s goal. Red and orange tend to convey excitement and boldness, while green and blue reflect reliability and professionalism. If your company sells action sports supplies, the logo should exude a sense of excitement and adventure, not a formal office setting. Logos are like book covers, and most customers do tend do judge companies by how they look.

Professional Quality Without the High Price Point

One of the key issues many small businesses face is consistent cash flow. Whether a company is just starting out, or is going through a rebranding period to expand earnings, income is not always guaranteed, and overspending is a surefire way to lose big.

One of the best things about the internet and online technology is the advent of solutions that are cheaper than hiring overpaid professionals. Solutions such as Tailor Brands, which offer a range of logo design and branding tools, can help your business create engaging, memorable logos at a fraction of the cost most designers charge.

Find A Unique Voice for Your Logo

In a market that is so crowded, it’s easy for a small business’ voice to be lost in the throng of companies vying for potential customers’ attention. It might appear straightforward for your company to go for a simple design that plays on known tropes and imagery, such as a light-bulb or a lightning bolt, to find a common ground with customers.

On the other hand, by making a logo unique, your company can become a new and creative voice in your industry, and immediately command interest and an air of intrigue that could draw potential customers to your new business.

Your First Idea Is Not Your Final Idea

For small businesses, ideas are incredibly valuable. They can be the start of a new product line, a key for success, or a new company philosophy. However, in all those cases, ideas evolve over time to form the finished product that the wider public observes. Logo design works the same way, although many business owners are happy to sit on a design they think is amazing.

The creative process is different for everyone, but the one constant is that ideas need to grow, change, and morph into their best selves before they are ready. The greatest logos are ones that started with a simple design, and were tweaked into the perfect and memorable images people remember.

When you’re ready to create your new logo, Tailor Brands has all the small business the tools you need to create a unique, exciting, and effective logo that will add tremendous value to your branding efforts