The Best Logo Maker Apps to Design Your Brand on the Go

As an entrepreneur or new business owner, you often need to be able to operate on the go – usually from your smartphone or tablet. 

But, being on the move doesn’t change the fact that you need to create a logo for your business. How do you design an entire brand identity when you’re running around trying to get everything else done? 

Luckily, there’s an easy answer. Using a logo maker is still a great option – with mobile apps! 

These logo maker apps are fully mobile, hosting design tools that are optimized for a smaller screen without sacrificing the quality of the design. And, most apps provide the same features their web-based counterparts do for logos.

9 Top Logo Maker Apps

To help you decide which logo maker app to use, we created a list of our top 9 favorite options. The apps listed here are all easy for beginners to comfortably navigate, and they can give you a business logo in no time! 

Logo Maker by Tailor Brands

That’s right – we have our own app! The Tailor Brands logo app.  Our app uses the same AI as the Tailor Brands Logo Maker –  it learns about your business and what your design preferences are, in order to create the optimal logo design for your brand. 

We like to say it’s like having a personal graphic designer in your pocket, because our app also provides over 20 branding tools to help you build your brand from the ground up – including a business card design tool and automated social media manager. 


  • This is one of the easiest logo design apps to use, as you don’t need any design tools to create a stunning logo. 
  • Every design created with Logo Maker by Tailor Brands is unique to you; there are no templates or predesigns used. 
  • You can design an entire brand identity with the app’s features, like downloading your logo in high-res files, printing your logo on merchandise and swag, and branding the perfect business cards for your business. 


  • Though their support team is quick to respond, they are only available online. 
  • You have to sign up to see your logo, which adds an extra step to the process (although registration is free). 
  • There’s no way to speak one-on-one with a designer to discuss your results. 


Design App - Logo Maker App

Those looking for variety and creative freedom will enjoy DesignApp’s logo designer. The app offers a blank canvas where users can add icons, shapes, badges, and fonts to create completely original designs. 

For people who are seeking a more ready-made approach, the company does offer pre-made templates for a small price. When your design is finished, you can simply email yourself your logo!



  • The app offers an impressive number of design options, including over 600 different fonts and thousands of shapes, icons, and badges.
  • Logos are directly sent via email to users and are available in high-quality formats with transparent backgrounds.
  • DesignApp is available for both Android and iOS, so users with either operating systems can easily find it.



  • DesignApp doesn’t offer any free templates or guidance to create logos. The existing templates are available for a small price.
  • Logo files are only available in PNG format, which may be a problem when attempting to scale it.
  • The Import feature has been reported to experience issues from time to time.


Sketch - Logo Maker App

Entrepreneurs who also have a creative streak will appreciate Sketch’s intuitive canvas and painting tools. 

Unlike other logo makers, Sketch offers a blank page and an impressive array of art tools—brushes, spray paint, colors—to provide a creative space for logo design. Users can produce fully unique logos with some time and patience.



  • Sketch offers complete creative freedom to design a logo that is unique and fits your brand identity.
  • Easily add elements and freehand parts of your logo to give it a distinctive touch.
  • Choose from a variety of digital tools including brush tips, color manipulation tools, and more.



  • The app itself doesn’t offer much in terms of guidance, so users may have a tough time getting started.
  • Sketch’s interface is not always the easiest to grasp, and some features may require some tapping around to find.
  • There are too many ads at times, which can affect the creative flow and design process.

Designer Logo Maker

Designer Logo Maker App

Designer Logo Maker offers a simple and fast alternative to creating a logo. Users start by choosing a broad category and selecting one of the many designs available. They can then change coloring, add shapes, and include text. 

The logo editor is easy to use and features a sleek interface that is accessible even for design beginners.



  • Choose from a wide variety of initial abstract and concrete designs to create a logo that reflects company values.
  • Easily modify the colors and positioning to make a design that stands out from the crowd, even with a template.
  • Correcting colors and finding a unique palette takes a few seconds and is implemented directly into your logo.



  • The icons available to add to logos are fairly limited and restrict creative freedom for designs.
  • The categories users can choose from are overly broad at times and can require some digging to uncover the right template.
  • Because all logos are based off initial templates, it may be problematic when attempting to trademark a logo in the future.

Logo Maker Plus

This is one of the top apps available on Android thanks to its massive library of design elements and ease of use. 

Logo Maker Plus hosts an impressively robust design app that offers in-depth editing abilities such as fine-tuning colors, a large library of fonts, and even pre-made templates. Users can also easily create a variety of logos for different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.



  • Logo Maker Plus provides a surprising degree of text manipulation options, including resizing, formatting, and a broad library of available fonts.
  • Users have more granular control of their designs and can call on hundreds of unique design elements to create distinctive logos.
  • Create logo files that are ready to deploy on social media and other platforms.



  • Logo Maker Plus is only available for Android devices, so iOS users don’t have access to the app.
  • There is no option to draw a design or a pencil tool to add hand-drawn elements to existing designs.
  • The free version of the app has significant ads that can be a nuisance as they cover the whole screen.

Logo Maker Free

For a free logo maker that gets quick results, Logo Maker Free gives users a simple interface and reliable results. 

The app offers a selection of basic design elements and icons as well as a library of available typefaces. Users can drag and drop assets and modify them with a few taps as well as easily correct colors with an effective wheel tool.



  • It’s easy to get started with a design, as icons are fully displayed and require a simple tap to add and modify.
  • Users have a large degree of control over the specific colors and hues they want for their color palette.
  • There are multiple options for editing beyond colors and icons, including a library of backgrounds and the ability to upload image files.



  • The variety of icons and fonts has room for improvement as the selection is more limited than other available apps.
  • Logo Maker Free’s interface can be confusing to navigate at times and unresponsive.
  • The icons and assets in the app are not always high-resolution, so final products can sometimes appear blurry or pixelated.


Makr - Logo Maker App

iOS users looking for a straightforward logo design solution will enjoy Makr’s streamlined app. 

Users can choose from a broad range of categories of templates like Business, Sports, Local, Charity, and Monograms. The logo editor then lets users easily modify or add icons, shapes, text, and other visual effects. Modern brands looking for a quick logo can take advantage of the uncomplicated process and the transparent, high-resolution files Makr produces.



  • Choose from a large library of pre-made designs and customize it in a few minutes to get a logo that matches your brand identity.
  • Logos and designs can be printed and delivered to users’ homes or picked up at Staples locations.
  • Makr lets users import their own images and assets to logo projects to create more unique designs.



  • Logos can only be downloaded or printed for a fee of $6.99 per logo.
  • Makr’s iPhone app does not offer the ability to undo actions, so mistakes during the design process can be costly.
  • The editor’s customizability is somewhat limited, so pre-made designs will not always look one-of-a-kind.

Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker Shop starts the logo design process by allowing users to choose from a series of customizable templates. After that, users are taken to an editing page where they can include symbols, add a background, and customize the text. The bright colors and crisp forms make this logo designer best for bold, modern brands.



  • Logo templates are modern and cleverly designed.
  • Free templates are of unusually high quality.
  • The platform lets users choose from 1000+ logo templates and 200+ fonts.



  • Despite the large number of templates offered, customizability is limited.
  • The user interface may be challenging for users without prior design experience.
  • The bold, hip logo designs might not be relevant for more classic brands.


Watercolor Logo Maker

Watercolor Logo Maker offers—as its name suggests—watercolor-style logos.

The app first has users choose a watercolor-style shape as the logo’s background, and then guides users to an editor that allows for additional text, color, and customization. This logo style is perfect for brands that are whimsical, girly, or artistic.



  • The interface is sleek, attractive, and easy to use.
  • The hand-painted design makes the logo appear original and custom-made.
  • The distinctive watercolor aesthetic gives companies an immediate brand image and style.



  • The app offers a low level of customizability compared to other logo design tools.
  • The logo style doesn’t match the brand image of most companies.
  • Free options are limited and, at $10 to unlock all the features, the app is pricier than some competitors.

Over to You

If you’re starting a small business but lack the design know-how, a logo maker app just might be the perfect place to start. Templates with lightly customizable images, colors, and fonts are a great way to establish your brand image as you focus on getting your company off the ground.

Prefer to create logos from your desktop? Check out the best logo makers and online platforms like Tailor Brands!