Any great logo design begins by understanding
how to successfully create a new logo. This is the
basis of all brand and business values.

For many companies today, creating a logo can go from a simple exercise to an expensive investment in no time. A logo is vital to a business’s branding and marketing efforts, and many are willing to spend thousands for the right design. However, not every business has the endless resources to invest in a high-level design firm despite still needing a great logo to promote their brand.

Today, designing your own logo has become easier than ever. Technology allows companies to create unique logos affordably, and successfully. Using Tailor Brands’ logo design suite can lead you to crafting a memorable and powerful logo at a fraction of the cost. Regardless, any great design begins by understanding how to successfully create a new logo. Here are some key steps to keep in mind.

“A style that fits your company’s vision
will better communicate your company’s
values to your customers”


Understand Your Business

The first step in creating a logo that truly represents your company is to understand your business itself. What does your company do? What are your values? Who is your target audience? These questions can help frame the design process and give you important cues for crucial decisions down the line. By knowing your company, you can make better choices to enhance your logo creation and branding efforts.

Know What Kind of Logo You Need

A logo is more than just a picture. Each company has unique needs and goals, and for many, a simple image is not the best way to go. Tailor Brands helps you distinguish between logos based on icons, or mostly visual, logos that use a company’s name prominently, or those that simply have a company’s initials. By understanding your market, you can find the right kind of logo for maximum impact. If your company’s name is its most valuable asset, for example, making it prominent in the design can connect your business to audiences more effectively.


Choose Your Company’s Style

The next decision to make is what your company’s style will be. This comes from branding, but is an important part of your logo’s design. Choosing the right kind of font, for example, can create certain associations. An angular and sleek design could imply high-tech and futuristic, while flowy cursive text is better suited to food, services, and similar businesses. By choosing a style that fits your company’s vision, you can better communicate your company’s values to your customers and create a logo that embodies your company’s brand.

Narrow Down Your Options

When you work with Tailor Brands’ logo designer, you can see different versions of your logo that offer distinct variations and feel. By having choices, you can more easily find what works and what doesn’t, narrowing down your list of options to the best ones. This is an important part of the design process, as you can begin to focus on what you are truly seeking from a logo. It also gives you an opportunity to find an idea that may be unexpected but has strong value for your brand.

Fine-Tune Your Final Design

Once you find the design that works best, the last step is to make sure it is exactly what you want. Your logo should fit the brand perfectly, and even the smallest decisions can be critical when it comes to determining the proper balance between informative and intriguing. Make sure the color palette matches the rest of your branding, place everything where it needs to be, and create a logo that really speaks to your audience.

Tailor Brands can help you create dynamic, powerful logos that can communicate your company’s vision and connect to your audience. Get started today!

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