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The purpose of an environmental logo is to express your commitment to environmentalism through your brand. Whether you’re designing an environmental logo for a nonprofit, eco-conscious business, or any other earth-friendly cause, there are a few key strategies to keep in mind. 

Each aspect of your logo has to directly represent your environmental concern and resonate with an audience who cares about your cause. 

Check out the designs below (all made with our logo creator) for inspiration and scroll down for tips to make your environmental logo. 

How to make your own environmental logo

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Environmental Logos Ideas

Environmental logo design tips

1. Icons

Environmental logo icons

Icons are a popular choice for environmental logos because there are plenty of symbolic images to choose from that can represent your cause. Organizations like national parks and conservation consultancies tend to use icons related to nature and landscapes, such as trees, mountains, or wildlife. 

Other icons, particularly those for solar energy companies, depict the sun. Eco-friendly grocers and farm-to-table restaurants might choose a fruit or vegetable icon to represent local agriculture. It’s also common for an environmental logo icon to be a simplified image of the earth.

2. Typography

environmental logo typography

The strength of an environmental logo tends to lie in its visuals. But choosing the right font for your environmental logo is just as important as the icon since it communicates crucial information. Because visuals speak for themselves, environmental logos work best with clear and simple fonts. 

Many environmental logos are minimalist, with crisp lines and a “less is more” vibe. That’s why when you choose your typeface, it’s best to stick with one or 2 fonts to avoid detracting from the overall design. 

Keep in mind that this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you’re set on a bold decorative font, you can do so. But before you do, ask yourself if that really matches who you are as a business and the message you want to convey through your logo. If the answer is yes, just make sure the other design elements are toned down. 

Color Palette

Environmental logos color palette

Picking a color palette is more than just an aesthetic decision. The right colors can bolster your brand identity, connect with your target audience, and subconsciously convey key traits about your business. 

Environmental logos have a distinct color palette. Green, blue, and brown are our favorite choices for environmental logos because we tend to associate them with the earth. These colors directly conjure up images of nature: The green of forests and fields, the blue of oceans, lakes, and skies, and the browns of earth and wood.

Color Palette

Think about every place your logo will be featured: Your website, social media, merchandise, decals on cars, store signage, letterhead, etc. If your logo was jam-packed with design elements—squished font, a mishmash of color, and an in-your-face icon—you’re going to lose your audience. Keep it simple so that your logo is versatile across platforms and can be easily resized.

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