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You know the saying, first impressions matter. Your handyman business needs a logo that’ll immediately connect with your audience and capture their attention. With the right handyman logo, you’ll look professional and trustworthy. 

Whether you’re in the planning phase or starting your small business, Tailor Brands’ handyman logo maker will create a logo design that will tell customers you’re the one for the job.

To find out which logo is right for your handyman business, take a look at some of the handyman logos Tailor Brands has designed below or explore other logo design ideas. After you’re full of inspiration, you’ll be able to create your own logo with us!

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How to make your own handyman logo

Create your handyman logo in 2 minutes by entering your business name and tagline (if relevant) and then click ‘Design.’

Tell us a little bit about your handyman business, choose a logo type, select the fonts you love, and we’ll do the rest by creating the perfect logo for your business.

Customize and make tweaks with our logo editor to bring your vision to life. You can play with fonts, colors, and logo layout – no design skills necessary! 

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Handyman Logo Ideas

Handyman Logo Design Tips

1. Icons

icons for handyman logos

An icon-based logo is a symbol that conveys values and ideas that are easily understandable by the audience. There are various types of icons such as geometrics, abstract, pictorial, custom, interactive, and crests and emblems. 

Most handyman logos include an icon that represents what they offer their customers. For example, a handyman logo can be a hammer or a tool belt. These icons indicate tools, movement and construction. 

While these logos are straightforward, they’re overused. You can do better. It’s important to distinguish yourself from the others in your industry.

Have your handyman business stand out among the rest by creating a unique logo that shows what you do, but makes a lasting impression. For example, adding movement to your icon can make it pop. By adding an action, you reinforce the idea that you get the job done.

2. Typography

typography for handyman logos

Handyman logos tend to use bold fonts as it creates a strong and trustworthy impression for audiences. Those are the qualities most handyman businesses want to show. However, depending on your business, you may want a different approach.

For example, some handyman businesses use script fonts in their logo to give off an established and trusted vibe, indicating the business has been around for generations. 

When designing a handyman logo, it’s good to choose one font that’s easy to read and matches your icon. If not, it can look childish and unprofessional. 

With a logo creator, you can easily change font styles in and out to see which font works best for your business.

3. Color Palette

handyman logos color palette

We tend to overlook the importance of color, yet it influences our perception and can make us feel a specific way (whether we notice it or not). When choosing colors for your handyman logo, take into consideration its color palette.

Your logo’s color palette will depend on the message you want to convey to your audience. If you want to express trust, professionalism, and reliability, choose colors like black, blue, and brown. 

You can also mix colors for your logo; however, make sure that you don’t mix too many colors, or your message will get lost. 

4. Layout

handyman logo example

Your logo will be primarily seen on your website, signage, and business cards. Therefore, when designing your logo, think about the layout. Your logo needs to stand out and look good on multiple materials.  

Design your custom-made logo instantly

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